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The Stone of Snow-Throat is a large cavern located below the Throat of the World. A place of Nordic legend, the Stone was once an entryway for Shor to travel between Nirn and Sovngarde. In it you will find a portal to Sovngarde, a powerful reward for slaying Alduin, and a rare lorebook.

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Nordic Lore Integration - The Stone of Snow-Throat


The Stone of Snow-Throat is a large cavern located below the Throat of the World. A place of Nordic legend, the Stone was once an entryway for Shor to travel between Nirn and Sovngarde.

The cavern doesn't have much in the way of amenities or storage, but it is special for something more: it contains a portal to Sovngarde. To prevent game-breaking, the cavern is only accessible after you visit Sovngarde the standard way: on the central hill, stuck in the word wall, you will find an ancient dragon claw that will open the way for you when you return to the waking world. You will probably want to finish your business in Sovngarde before entering the portal. Additionally, there is a reward for you for beating the World-Eater: Shor will give you a useful blessing when you read the tablet at the top of the central pillar. Finally, there is a copy of Shor, Son of Shor next to the entrance of the cave for your collection. So, the cavern is pretty much just fancy window-dressing for a Sovngarde portal and a little buff.

The Stone of Snow-Throat was conceived out of a frustration with Bethesda's incapability to implement their own lore properly. TES V left the Nordic culture we knew from Morrowind in absolute shambles: in particular, the Nordic pantheon. While Kirkbride's "cave" may not be a literal cave, this is my interpretation of his words and also an effort to bring back a little mystery to Nord lore. In any case I wanted an excuse to make an epic cave with dragon skeletons and shit so here we are.

Regardless of canonicity, care has been taken to remain as lore-friendly as possible. Every placed object has a story or purpose for being: for instance, Shor is the Dead God, so the cave is full of dead stuff. You get the idea. I aim to deliver a seamless experience with all my mods, so I hope that translates into your gameplay.


Install via your mod management tool of choice. I recommend ModOrganizer 2.
If you must install manually, simply drop the appropriate files into your Skyrim data folder.

Please install both 1.3 and the fixed esp (1.3b). Just overwrite the old .esp with the fixed one. 1.3b contains a fix for the issue where saving in the cave and reloading would teleport the player to Riverwood.

When you first play through with this mod, please do the following:
1. When you get to Sovngarde for the main quest, grab the claw on the hill before leaving. The portal will open.
2. Let Tsun teleport you out. Using the portal to get back to Tamriel during the Sovngarde quest instead of Tsun's teleport could cause some issues, but nothing too serious.
3. Freely move back and forth between Tamriel and Sovngarde after leaving the vanilla way and running to the cave entrance.


For MO2 users, untick the mod from the left panel, or just remove it altogether.
For manual users, simply delete the .esp file and the DolKhazun folder from \Data\Meshes.


Any mod that alters the same exterior areas as the Stone will be incompatible. The central hill in Sovngarde is a popular place for mods that add portals between Sovngarde and Skyrim, so make sure you're not using other mods that do the same thing.

Known Issues or Bugs

If you already finished the main quest and left Sovngarde, just type in the console "coc SovngardeAlduinPerch", run up the hill, and grab the claw.

If you find any serious glitches you're sure are related to this mod, let me know in the posts section so I can fix them straight away.


Version 1.3b
Fixed the save issue.

Version 1.3
Fixed a script issue.

rsion 1.2
Fixed a small void near the entrance.


Version 1.0
Initial Release.


Thanks to Michael Kirkbride for the inspiration and the text of Shor, Son of Shor:

Thanks to Oaristys for their custom clutter assets:


Generally speaking, if you wish to include this mod in any kind of compilation, please ask permission. If you want to make any edits, compatibility patches, optional versions, conversions etc. contact me and we'll sort something out.

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