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Mhulchazn is an ancient Dwemer ruin located high in the Velothis, built in the Vvardenfell style of Dwemer architecture.

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Read: this was one of my first mods, made before I knew all about good modding
practices. It's provided "as is", and generally works fine, but I am no longer supporting it.
(mods released after this one have much higher quality control!)

Mhulchazn - Resdayni Dwemer Tonal Research Facility


I'm back with another I M M E R S I V E  L O R E - F R I E N D L Y  E X P E R I E N C E ™ !

The second in my series of lore-aware player homes, Mhulchazn is an ancient Dwemer ruin located high in the northern Velothis, built in the Morrowind style of Dwemer architecture. It is located on a mountain ridge above a hunter's camp, just north of Narzulbur. Ostensibly a research facility of some sort, the ruin steams with geothermal energy--just enough to keep its halls toasty against the bitter mountain cold outside. Featuring a detailed backstory and high attention to detail like my other mods, great care was once again taken to ensure maximum immersion and lore-friendliness. Every object has its own story.

It isn't quite clear what Dwemer from Morrowind were doing in Skyrim... but the last denizen, a Telvanni researcher, made a discovery and compiled some notes that the intrepid adventurer will find, detailing theories on the ruin's origin and purpose.

Mhulchazn features not only full crafting access--smithing, smelting, tanning, enchanting (+staves), alchemy, cooking (+oven), even spiders--but also a new spell for you to discover that will teleport you to the depths of the ruin at will. There is also an optional (breadcrumb, nothing special) quest to return the previous inabitant's journal, and a couple secrets. All containers should be safe storage, but please let me know if I missed any.

There is a mix of assets in Mhulchazn. The most obvious are Morrowind Dwemer assets, but there are also some Dunmer assets and a bit of ornate furniture that the previous inhabitant brought in. This home is mainly intended for mage characters, but any will do: it's not super thematic like some other homes.

Making Mhulchazn was a real challenge. The idiosyncratic nature of the Morrowind-style assets I used and their unwillingness to visually mesh with assets from vanilla Skyrim forced me to be extra creative. I hope my effort has paid off, and that you enjoy this funky player home.


As usual. Install via any mod manager, drop it in your load order wherever.

I highly recommend re-generating your LODs with DyndoLOD after installing so you can get views like this (see the towers in front of that big mountain?)


Uninstall via mod manager. You know the drill by now, right?
Also regen your LODs if you made them for this so they don't show up after the towers are gone.


It will conflict with mods that edit the same area, like Falmeroon or notably Legacy of the Dragonborn. Also, as usual, SMIM might mess some clutter up (much less than Dol Khazun though). I don't use it myself so I can't really make a patch. If anything is horribly out of place, just disable it via the console. It's definitely still safe to use, however.

Known Issues

None so far. Please let me know if you encounter any issues, and be as descriptive as possible. It really helps me both learn and bring a better mod to you guys.
No, I won't make an Oldrim version. Converting SSE meshes to Oldrim requires Tonal Architecture, and everyone who knew how to use that has long disappeared.


Version 1.1
- Made the oven usable as an oven. NOW we have full crafting access!

- Added an ESP for users of 1.0 for easy updating.

Version 1.0
- Initial Release


Morrowind Dwemer Resources by David Brasher, converted by Enter_77
Phitt's Morrowind Style Lanterns by Phitt and Tamira
Stroti's Kitchen Tools by Stroti and Tamira
Stroti Resource Pack by Stroti and Tamira
Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys
Lor Modder's Resources by LorSakyamuni (highly recommended!)
Insanity's Dwemer Clutter by InsanitySorrow


As usual, please contact me if you want to do anything involving this mod like patches, compilations, etc.

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