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A small dwelling in the Pale, built by ancient Nords in the traditional method: telekinesis.

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Towering walls of huge, irregular porphyry blocks fit together without seam or mortar, as if constructed by mythical Elhnofey rather than men.

Seidr's Rest

Featured by Arctic Scrolls!

A stone's throw away from Stonehill Bluff, Seidr's Rest is an ancient Nordic dwelling hidden in a copse of trees, built in the traditional Nordic fashion: telekinesis. Its previous inhabitant appears to have been some sort of mystic, or as known to the nords, a 'clever man'.

Inside the dwelling you will find a bed of furs (gives well-rested bonus) for you and a cot for your follower. Just like in my Sami Hut mod, the fire can be put out and relit at will, simply by walking up to it and activating it. There is a lot of non-respawning storage for all kinds of purposes (check under the bed too), and custom Enchanting and Alchemy workbenches. Inside, there is also a cooking pot and tanning rack, and there is an anvil, smelter, workbench, and grinding stone in an alcove outside.

All the clutter is static, so if you want to place your own items you can disable whatever's in the way. It also means that everything should be compatible will all kinds of mesh replacers, without things flying all over the place. In fact I recommend using mesh & texture replacers with this.

Once again this mod uses only vanilla assets for a very lightweight install. Don't let this discourage you however because I tried to 1) use assets that are not seen often, and 2) use existing assets in novel ways. It also means that the mod should be usable on LE without too much backporting work.

Lighting was balanced for a clean vanilla install. If you have problems with lighting with your setup then just head into the CK
and tweak the lights, it's really easy.

The name, Seidr, comes from the Old Norse "seiðr", a mythical form of magic practiced by the pagan priests and sorcerors of ancient Scandinavia.
As for design, I was inspired by archaeological finds of Neolithic wheelhouses. This player home is sort of a "grand fantasy" recreation of such a traditional dwelling, as seen below:

The eight-spoked wheel layout also conveniently fits with esoteric Elder Scrolls lore, and might be a hint as to where the previous inhabitant has gone...


It should work with Frostfall out of the box, because it has the very same fire setup as the Sami Hut which is Frostfall-compatible by default.
The mod might be usable on LE as well. I haven't tested to be sure but if you take the basic download then there is just an .esp file, so it may work without any edits!
Update: It seems that the fire script doesn't work properly on LE (you can't interact with fire, but otherwise the mod is totally usable). I don't really know what the differences between SE and LE scripting are, but if you know and want to give it a shot, contact me and we can figure something out.


Install your usual way, but I recommend Mod Organizer 2.
Choose one of the main versions (standard or with floating rocks), and get the addon too if you want it.
I have kept things separate to give you the option to choose between an ultra-minimalistic install (and to make things easier for somebody to console port) or the entire bells-and-whistles package. 


Version 1.1c - Addon
- An addon that adds an activator to the wood pile. When you use it, it gives you a piece of firewood.
Requires any of the versions below. You can safely merge this addon into the main .esp too.

Version 1.1b - Floating Rocks
- Deleted a wild edit that was present only in 1.0b for some reason.
- Updated the Floating Rocks version to include the below changes in 1.1.

Version 1.1 - Base Version
- Moved some clutter.

Version 1.0b - Floating Rocks
- Adds a custom animated mesh for the floating rocks at the enchanting station, provided by Ara of /tesg/. Separate standalone download: original file not required.

Version 1.0 - Base Version
- Initial Release.

For those who want to know the location:

Don't worry about the giants, they don't roam close enough to Seidr's Rest to cause any problems.

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