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female only heavy armor made by Ultracriket.

supports uunp and cbbe bodyslide.

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hey, this is a new heavy armor for female characters made by Ultracriket. he no longer participates in Skyrim modding, but released these assets on request so people could finish pushing it into the game. please check out his DA and if you want send him a thank you for allowing this release.

it has 2k textures, steel plate stats and is best used aesthetically with iron boots and gauntlets. two texture variants are included, the original texture Ultracriket made and ones recolored to better fit with Amidianborn's iron textures. an optional .pdn file for retexturing based on separate layers for metal, chain, cloth and leather is available.

to obtain it, craft it with the Advanced Armors perk or use AddItemMenu. base meshes and Bodyslide included are for UUNP, but a CBBE variant is available

requires a HDT compatible skeleton

thanks to Heiko for the screenshoots

full credits go to Ultracriket for the assets, i did nothing pretty much

here's a quick showcase of the mod: