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This is a revolutionary project that overturns the boring Vanilla combat system to Sekiro system.

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What is this MOD?

 This is a hardcore Combat mod that completely overturns the boring Vanilla battle system and transforms it into a Sekiro battle system.

 ? I know there are already exist other sekiro mods 'Sekiro Combat SSE' or 'Shinobi Combat'. Although The theme of parrying enemy attacks is the same, but the driving method is completely new and different.
(less bug, more faster, more dynamic, more action, more sekiro)

 ? As a mod for hardcore users, this is strongly aim for Soul-Like gaming.


  What changes?

  Stamina → Posture System

 ? This mod completely replace the vanilla stamina with the posture.


 ? Posture acts similarly to Stamina, providing the player with the capacity to block and deflect attacks.

 ? Yes like Sekiro, if your stamina is 0 (posture bar reaches max capacity), the player or enemy becomes vulnerable.


  Poise System

 ? If the player is hit by any attack, include arrow or magic, you are unconditionally staggered. If you don't want to get stagger, defend yourself.

 ? If you are in frequent staggering, you enters the state of stagger immunity for a short period of time (Prevents gameplay impossible due to infinite staggers).


 ? The enemy has its own poise value. If a certain amount of poise is accumulated by continuously applying attacking, enemy will cause big stagger. (This is the default setting for Soul-like Games)


 ?If the parrying is successful, you enters the state of stagger immunity for a short time (Also the stagger immunity time is applied differently for each weapon held)


 [Stagger immunity time]
- BattleAxe / Warhammer : 4.2 sec
- Two-handed sword / Onw-handed Mace : 3.8 sec
- One-handed sword : 3.0 sec
- One-handed axe: 3.4 sec
- Dagger: 1.5 sec.

  Defense system

 ? Most attacks can be blocked. Not only melee, but also arrows and magic can be blocked.

The parrying timing is very tight. You must quickly press the block key to match the enemy's attack. If you are scared and defend even a little first, you will inevitably fail your parrying.

  Arrow Parry

 ? Stamina(posture) decreases when defending against melee or arrows.

 ? If your Stamina(posture) is 0, you're in knock out.

 ? If the parrying is successful, the player does not take any health or stamina damage.


  Magic Parry

 ? When you defend the magic, the magicka decrease.

 ? if the magicka is 0, you can no longer defend magic and become stagger.


 ? If you succeed in parrying, you can reflect magic. The reflected magic flies according to your aim. However, shout(thu'um) cannot be reflected.


  Recovery system

 ? While keeping a blocking, stamina(posture) quickly restores.

 ? Recovery rate of stamina(posture) depends on how full the Helath gauge.

 ? High helath recovers stamina faster, and low helath slows recovery.


  Bash system

 ?  Vanilla Skyrim only consumes 35 base stamina, while installing this mod now consumes 20% of total stamina.

 ?  Of course, if stamina(posture) is 0, you will be knocked back, so it is dangerous to cut stamina(posture) by yourself with bash. Use it only in situations where you need the bash.

 ?  Bow and crossbow bash doesn't consume stamina

 ?  If you succeed in parrying the enemy's bash attack, enemy is staggerd. However, this system applies to both NPCs and players, so you should use bash attack carefully.


  Perilous Attack 危

  ?  Perilous attack(危) cannot be defended or parryed.

  ?  You must Dodge to avoid, or Bash to break enemy's Perilous attack.

  ?  When successful bash a enemy's perilous attack, there is no consumption of stamina and inflicts double potsure damage to the enemy, and the enemy is fully staggered. (MIKIRI system)


  Rapid Parrying

  ?  If you succeed in parrying the enemy's quick attack 3 times in a row, you can stop the enemy's attack and cause stagger.

  ?  You need to parrying 3 times quickly within a short period of time, but parrying a slow attack 3 times will not have any effect.


  Shinobi Execution

 ?  When the enemy's stamina(posture) becomes 0, the posture broken.

 ?  At this time, a red circle appears in the center of the body, indicating a kill-movable state. When attacking (optical mouse click), you perform a killmove.



 ?  If player are killed by an enemy, you can resurrect.

 ?  Resurrection cost can be set in detail in MCM.


  Assassination (Beta)

 ?  If you attack an enemy in stealth state without being noticed by the enemy, you performs a killmove (Sneak Execution). The enemy loses half of his health.


  AI Parry

 ?  NPCs with weapons now exchange Offense Defensive Transition like Sekiro.


 ?  This is the same for draugrs, skeletons, and falmers (except for giants), but quadruped creatures who cannot hold weapons are of course unable to parry.

  ◆ When enemy parries attack, the enemy counterattacks and becomes a super armor state (stagger immunity) for a certain period of time.

  ◆ When player parries attack, player's attack speed increases for a certain period of time. You can attack first before the enemy attacks again.


 ?  NPCs with weapons can parry arrows or magic. However NPC Magic parry is only performed when he is equipped with an enchanted weapon or shield

 ?  In addition to that, the basic vanilla AI is improved more difficult.



Q. If you apply sekiro system to Skyrim, isn't the game too easy?

A. It may or may not be. This mod is not simply porting the Sekiro system to Skyrim, but has been redesigned to fit the Skyrim RPG element leveling environment. In many ways, there are minor differences from the original Sekiro system.

- First, stamina damage inflicted by an enemy's health at 90% and 50% is different. You must reduce the enemy's HP by a certain amount, not just only parrying.


- Second, the stamina value that the enemy recovers from 90% and 50% is also different. If the enemy's health is full, he will recover his health very fast.


Q. Isn't it necessary to increase stamina when leveling up?

A. No. stamina damage mult is determined by weapon damage and weapon skill level. Therefore, there is a big difference between an enemy with a weapon skill of 20 + an iron sword and an enemy with a weapon skill of 50 + an ebony sword inflicted on me. For stamina management, it is necessary to invest points in stamina in the same concept as physical strength.

Q. What about the stamina behavior in this mod (running, PowerAttacking, bash)?

A. Bash explained above, PowerAttack no longer needs stamina. Sprinting consumes less stamina. (You can change in MCM)

Q. Killmove is not working well :(

A. Get as close as possible to the enemy and hit fast mouse clicks. The killmove related bug is not a mod problem, but a vanilla bug.

Q. Player suicide when killmove :(

A. This is because the resurrection option provided by this mod is not used, but a different mod is used. In this case, change the script animation to Increased Damage in the SHINOBI EXECUSION menu in MCM.

Q. There are creatures that cannot killmove.

A. There are quite a few creaturess that do not have a killmove scence.
(Reclining horses, ruckers, plugs, werewolves, whisper mothers, ...etc)
If you report any creatures that cannot killmove, I will make patch right away. Also, if you use the creatures addition mod, you cannot killmove them using a custom race, so this also requires its own compatible patch.



 ▣ VioLens - A Killmove Mod SE (Master)
 ▣ More HUD
 ▣ SkyHUD / Less Intrusive HUD
 ◎ Immersive HUD (optional)
 ◎ Widget Mod (optional)
 ◎ A Matter of Time (optional)

 ◎ Souls Quick Menu (optional)


 Ultimate Combat (Compatible patch)
 Dual Wield Parrying (Allow dual, spell sword block)
 TK Dodge / Ultimate Dodge (Set dodge stamina cost to 0)
 Critical Hit - Backstab and Parry
 Olivier blocking (Perfect block hit animation)

 Smart NPC Potions
 Simple Potion Drinking Animation (Allow potion drinking animation like Soul-like game)

 Diverse Random Normal Attack
 Dynamic Sweep Attack

Not Recommend (You Don't Need or Already included)

 Shinobi Combat, Sekiro Combat SSE, BlockingAndFlash.esp
Wildcat Combat / Vigor Combat (compatible. but use only injure system)
 Enhanced Enemy AI Reborn / Combat Evolved / Intense Combat Experience ..etc any change AI mods (already included)

 Power Attacks Require Stamina (already included)
 Arrow Block (already included)
 Spellbreaker Maxi (already included)
 You Died SE - A death screen mod (already included)
 Mortal Enemies Attack / Commitment No turning during attack (compatible. but not recommend)

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 Mesh & Texture & Asset
by Lertkrush -
by OmecaOne -
by elxdark -

 Special Thanks
by Regenbot03
by 야옹씨
by 절인배추