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Christian Weeks and Zachary McNellis

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A ported version of the awsome mod Souls Quick Menu (
The mod organizes the spells, potions, weapon and shouts the same way as in the dark souls series.

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o/ I'm new to modding but I enjoyed skyrim so much that I ported some mods over  from the original skyrim to skyrim se.
Ofcourse I first ask for permission before uploading the mod.
All credits goes to the original author (Souls Quick Menu).
I do not plan to change any of the files or update the mod I'm just putting it out there so we can all enjoy it \(^0^)/


For those of you who do not want to watch the video, hopefully this will explain how to use the mod.
You have 4 equipment slots - your right hand, left hand, power, and an item slot.  This mod adds a queue of weapons/items/spells for each of these slots.  To add items to your queues, you have 2 options:

Using Assignment Mode:
Assignment mode was made as an alternative to the MCM lists because sometimes not all of the users items and spells will show up in those lists.  To use assignment mode:
  • Go into the General MCM page.  Toggle "Assignment mode" on the right side.
  • Assign hotkeys that will be used to assign items to your left, right, and shout slots.  I used L, K, and semicolon, but anything works that isn't already assigned to an action.
  • Exit MCM and equip the items you want to assign.
  • Use the normal cycling hotkeys for each slot to move the active slot.  While in assignment mode, the current slot gem will be red, not blue, and you will not equip the items in those slots.
  • Press the assignment hotkeys you chose in step 2.  The weapon / spell / shout you have equipped will now bind to the currently active queue slot.
  • When done, go back into MCM to turn off assignment mode.

Using the MCM menu drop down lists:
  • Go to the MCM Menu "Souls Quick Menu" and you will see there is a page for each of these slots.
  • On the page for each slot, you can choose what items to put in these queues and in what order.
  • Once you're done, exit MCM and press the cycling key (which can be set on the "General" page in MCM") for the corresponding slot and it will equip the next item in the queue.
NOTE: There are some rules as to what items you can put in what slots.
Torches and Shields may only be placed in the left hand queue
Two Handed Weapons, Bows, Crossbows may only be placed in the right hand queue.

Finally, there is some logic to the mod that may not be immediately intuitive.  For instance, if you equip a 2h weapon, it must unequip your left hand.  If you then cycle your left hand queue, it will equip an item in your left hand which forcibly unequips your 2h weapon.  This is not an error.

Download it in nmm and install it ez.

  • Using the drinking hotkey while having a mod which uses drinking animations causes problems when using an alchemy table or enchanting table (it will lock you out).
  • When enchanting weapons the weapon enchanted isn't considered a new unique weapon even when renamed.
    When swapping it will look for the same weapon in your inventory.
    For example:
    Right hand:
    slot 1: [Greatsword - flame enchantment]
    slot 2: [Greatsword - Soul entrapment]
    It will both swap to the same weapon [Greatsword - flame enchantment]

NOTE: I do not plan on keeping this file updated or make any changes to the original mod