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This is a very WIP, This adds different attack animations for when you have low stamina. These animation are long, meaning they can effect gameplay if you use this replcaer with mods that make you unable to attack at zero stamina.

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Update Version 2.0: 
2.0 now requires Mods that adds stamina consumption to normal attacks.
Inpa Seiko Combat
Stamina Matters
These are the only mods i have tested. would love to here feedback on how it interacts with other mods.

This mod is still only an animation replacer so be aware of this when trouble shooting issue. Known incompatibility are still related to other DAR folders having higher priority than the ones in this mod.

From a gameplay stand point these animations are long and do affect combat, putting you into a vulnerable state or a sort as the animations plays fully. (Note you need to use mods that make you unable to attack at zero stamina to get the full effect)

This is what will happen when you run out of stamina

This will be one of the rare mods i will be making a video for, but for now i am only uploading GIF previews until i can make high enough quality video showcase that i am happy with. In the mean time i will be adding more GIFs for you to preview. Thank you for your patients

Thanks for reading!