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FBplus migeandend and cbgreely

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Allow you to backstab and parry like Dark Souls.

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  • Russian
This is the SE conversion of migeandend's mod for Oldrim. You can find it, along with preview videos and a more detailed description, here:


This mod allows you to backstab and parry like Dark Souls, with detailed MCM settings.
*Backstab: When you stand behind someone and attack with melee weapon, it will
play a backstab animation and do a huge damage to this one.
*Parry: When someone heavy-attacks you, your successful bash can activate a short
slow-time effect. During this time your attack will be changed to
a counterattack animation and also do a huge damage. You can let it work
with normal attack in MCM.

This mod only effects on human NPCs, because FNIS doesn't allow us play a killmove animation to a monster without an instantly killing.

The NPCs can use backstab if you turn on the switch in MCM.


SKYUI: In order to use the MCM menu.

FNIS: Please run it after installing Critical Hit.