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A collection of patches for "Diversity - A Character Overhaul" that others can use.

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This is a collection of patches for the most recent version of Diversity - A Character Overhaul that I created so I could replace WICO in DarkLadyLexy's Legacy of the Dragonborn mod guide. I thought others might like as well, particularly if they aren't comfortable with making their own with SSEEdit.

Available Patches (ESPFE-only, Standard and Vanilla Hair):

  • Updates for Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition v4.2.3 - 4.2.5b and Cutting Room Floor v3.1.8 - 3.1.9

Diversity was published with some changes from USSEP and CRF already present in the main mod, but it has fallen behind the most recent versions. Choose one patch file from the main files section in accordance with the version of Diversity you installed (USSEP only, USSEP/CRF, or Vanilla Hair USSEP/CRF).  These patches will update Diversity character records with any changes in USSEP and CRF that have happened since.

  • Immersive College of Winterhold v6.1

This patch forwards the appropriate spells, perks and other class and clothing adjustments present in the mod. 

  • OBIS - Organized Bandits of Skyrim v2.5

This patch restores the lost keywords and class adjustments that OBIS needs to operate correctly for bandits and bosses that Diversity changes. 

  • Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul v2.0

Diversity changes the appearance of several carriage drivers and ferrymen, but CFTO creates duplicate characters records for its own reasons and uses these in place of the originals. This patch translates the face changes to the duplicate records in CFTO. Without this patch the NPCs would ignore Diversity changes and appear as they do in vanilla Skyrim.

  • Evolving Value Economy - SkyRem EVE v2.1

(Discontinued) Fixes several merchants throughout the game that have factions added by this mod. In v2.2 the mod author removed all faction adjustments to NPCs, making this patch file obsolete going forward.

  • Interesting NPCs v4.3+

A small but important fix to Luaffyn, the bard in Candlehearth Hall, who now has a band made of INPC extras.

  • Character Consistency Patch

(Formerly the "Civil War Consistency Patch") This patch updates the Diversity facegen changes for several characters who have multiple NPC records used at different points in the game but who only got changed in one place. Originally this fixed Ulfric, Tullius, Rikke and Galmar during the Civil War battle sequences but has been expanded to include other stages and few more characters (no spoilers).

  • PC Creation Hair Slider Fix

Diversity repackages a lot of hair assets from KS Hairdos and a few from ApachiiSkyHair. The copied records left the "playable" tag intact which tells the game to display those hairstyles as character creation options in Racemenu. If you already have KS Hairdos and/or Apachii installed this causes duplicate hairstyle options to clutter up the selection slider. This patch removes the "playable" tag from the Diversity records to get rid of the duplicates.

Useful if you are OCD about these kinds of things. Not applicable to the vanilla hair version of Diversity.

Do not use this patch in a running game if you used a hair style packaged into Diversity to create or modify your character. Having it suddenly marked as not playable may have more serious consequences than a "bad hair day".


As always, patch plugins go after the plugins they are modifying (the right pane in MO2). The main Diversity plugin should be near the bottom with the patches after that. LOOT should sort them appropriately.

The USSEP/CRF update patch you choose should be first, followed by any of the others. Adjust your custom LOOT rules if that doesn't happen.


It's important that Diversity is the last NPC update mod in your file load order. This will prevent the dark face bug from occurring if one of the other mods has asset files that Diversity should overwrite.  Your file load order (the left pane of MO2) should look like:

Diversity Patches


Please note, some patches like those found in Qwinn's Patch Compendium are for version 2.6 of Diversity which is no longer available.  Mine are for version 3.3 and those I've listed below were published after 3.3 came out so I assume they are for the same. The following patches might have conflicts that need resolution with the ones I've posted. Check in SSEEdit before mixing. 


VRAM usage:

I would urge any user of Diversity concerned with performance to run Cathedral Assets Optimizer on the original mod with the texture options for "necessary optimization" and "compress textures" checked. This is not to correct problems, but rather to save memory because Diversity uses uncompressed texture files. CAO will re-save the textures in Skyrim SE's preferred BC7_UNORM format, reducing the size of DDS files by 75% without compromising quality.

If you are using more than one NPC overhaul:

If you really want to learn how to best avoid the dark face bug, look at this tutorial -- Merging NPC Overhauls Made Easy -- by sattyre about creating an NPC Merge mod. It'll tell you how to set up your favorite NPC overhauls in MO2 in a layered approach and then merges them down to a single plugin while preserving your character choices. It's worth the time to learn and can help you save on plugin count if you use a large mix of NPC overhauls like I do.

If you are only looking for a utility to diagnose dark face bug then this mod -- Dark Face Issue Reporter -- is a lifesaver. It won't fix the problem for you, but it'll tell you if a character has a conflict between what the winning plugin says about the character and what the character's NIF file contains. Run this before you start a new game, fix the problems it catches, and you won't have dark face happen in your next playthrough!