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a xEdit Script to find "Dark Face Issues" and address them, then create console command batch files for checking in game.

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(For first and second button) Only records in their master file will be checked, for avoiding repeated checks. (Exsample: If you want to check npc which FormID is 00XXXXXX you should start your checking from Skyrim.esm file, not any other files)
(Version 2.0) Any NPC record can be checked now, just selecting them, run the script, then click the third button from main menu


1.The checking progress can be paused, then resume at another time, even after you reboot your PC
2.Can choose where to start checking
3.Have a log file created in "SSEEdit\Edit Scripts\logs\LTmz\" folder for checking after
4.Generate console batch files  in the game root folder, for easily check "Dark Face Issue" in game
5.(v2.0)Option: Create a plugin to collect NPCs which has the issue for easily fixing
6.(v2.0)Can check records or files selected
7.(v2.4)Heavy load order is supported


Unpack files to "Edit Scripts" folder


1.launch SSEEdit
2.Right click 'Skyrim.esm' in the left panel and select "Apply Script..." from the dropdown menu
3.From the popup window, in the Filter Editbox enter "DarkFaceIssueReporter", then click OK
4.For the first run, you should click "1. Start from select file" button
5.You can pause the progress by holding down ESC key
6.Resume by doing step 2, 3 and 4 again


check comments in INI file


Q:Is it possible to fix it with this mod? (from notawizard01)
A:No, this mods suppose is it to give you a good possibility to find out where the cause for the black faces is.
You still have to fix it by yourself. (from PRieST47)

Q:How does the report part work? (from Barnine)
A:This script will check if all HeadPart in Record is used in NIF file (Which in Data\ path or BSA files), if not, there will be DarkFaceIssue.

Q:Does this thing automatically fixes the black face? Or what does it do when it reports the black face issue?? (from Barnine)
A:No, this tool just report them. It will never fix them. The fix thing is a little complicated:
Sometimes you can just adjust mod installation order to fix them.
Sometimes you can just adjust plugin order to fix them.
Sometimes you should make a patch to fix them.
Sometimes you can open the plugin in CK, and select them Press Ctrl+F4 for generating Facegen data to fix them.
A guide about using CK to fix them: Guide: Creating FaceGen Data (from RageYT0)
Sometimes you should let the mod auther to fix them.
Sometimes it just some test record from mod auther, it will never show ingame. (like Fireburn.esp in IgnorePlugins in INI config file)
Sometimes they are custom race which don't need a head. (you can ignore these races by input them to IgnoreRaces in INI config file)


For people don't know how to fix the issue, I list some instructions, maybe useful to you.
Guide: Creating FaceGen Data (from RageYT0)
Face Bugs (from Byku12345)


xEdit Team:for the awesome SSEEdit and a lot of script samples


Dark Face Issue Reporter

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