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Adds a chance for Draugr to ambush when looting ruins, Daedra to ambush when handling soul gems, and Skeevers to ambush when looting dungeon food.

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  • French


Unlucky Loot adds consequences for looting certain types of containers, as well as certain types of items.

When you loot things, you'll start to think twice.

Is looting that Draugr mummy the right thing to do, when angry spirits might retaliate?
Is taking that cabbage really worth it, when skeevers might jump out and attack you?
Should I pick up that Grand Soul Gem, when it might break open and summon a Dremora?


I've been doing weekly streams of my Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil level design work on Twitch, and I post screenshots and mod teasers for the Skyrim community on my Twitter. I do want to do more of this work, and your support is greatly appreciated at my Patreon as well as just generally anywhere you do good deeds on our shared Earth.

I also have started Youtube uploads of my streams! These are great ways to gain insight on how mods are
made, and even on how you can get started with level design.

So far it affects...

Draugr Urns & Mummies
  • Chance to summon hostile ghost Draugr
  • Chance to contract a disease

Food Barrels & Sacks
  • Chance to summon hostile skeevers

Filled Soul Gems
  • When the player gets a filled soul gem, chance to empty, and summon hostile familiar/Atronach/Dremora

Humanoid Corpses
  • Chance for 'Stench of Death' disease, reduces speech by 10

For a challenge, I recommend turning the Max Spawns up to something that seems daunting. If you're a well-skilled character, one or two Draugr won't be much of a challenge. However if 4 or 5 Draugr would be formidable, set it to that. Essentially, set your max to what you think would kill you.

Other Details
I use a custom, leveled Skeever that advances up to level 10. You might find these skeevers slightly more challenging, but eventually trivial to overcome.
For ghosts, I use the vanilla leveled Draugr LChar which randomly selects weapons and levels along with the player. I have the ghost FX script on it which means when killed it will collapse into a puddle of ectoplasm.

Future of the Mod
I'm always listening for suggestions and ideas of what to do next. I'm considering Mudcrabs and other beasts.

Mod Configuration Menu
  • Tweak the number of enemies (Default: 2, Max 20)
  • Tweak the chance for skeevers, ghosts, or summons (Default: 20%)
  • Tweak the chance for diseases (Default: 25%)