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Makes the 11 named NPCs in the Levelers Tower master trainers

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After fiddling for a week with strange behavior in trainer dialogue in the CK, I am glad to present you Levelers Tower Trainers.

I've played for the last few years with Levelers Tower and I always wondered why there are several training areas, but no trainers for skills which are difficult to train

  •  The Arena is ideal for training Light and Heavy Armor
  •  At the training dummy in the Basement, ranged weapons and Destruction can be trained.
  •  In the Smithy in the Basement all smithing skills can be trained.
  •  At the Alchemy Table and the Arcane Enchanter in the Basement, those two skills can be trained.
  •  Lockpicking can be trained in the Lab.
Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion, Restoration, Pickpocket, Sneak and Speech have no trainers.

As there are 11 named NPCs in the tower, all of them not only do their regular jobs, but train in the 7 left skills and some more I find important.

Please leave a bug report if a character has the wrong voice or something else is odd.


Install as usual with Mod Organizer or the Mod manager of your choice.

If you are adding this mod to an existing game and the dialog doesn't show up, you will have to force the game to reload all NPCs in the LevelersTower.esp
To do that, open your last save with Resaver (Fallrim Tools), write LevelersTower.esp in the filter dropdown and press ENTER.
Look for ChangeForms -> _NPC in the list. Delete the entire _NPC branch and save the file. This will force the game to reload all NPCs and the dialog will show up.

If you feel that Levelers Tower needs another addon, besides those I made, please let me know.
Levelers Tower Trainers
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