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A collection of patches for Creation Club's Survival Mode to add hunger restore values to consumables. Integrated with Conner's Survival Mode to also add intoxication effects to alcoholic beverages. As a bonus, some patches add warmth and cool values to armor!

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So, like me, you're Sheogora-- er, Cacophony. You say to yourself, "I want to pay money for Skyrim's Creation Club's Survival Mode." Okay, that's done. "Now, I want to use my favorite mods (like Cheesemod for Everyone), but I want to starve if I don't get the foods from these mods. I want these mods to satisfy my ravenous hunger." But then you think to yourself, "I've grown tired of consuming entire beef carcasses daily and wish to moderate my body's insatiable demands. I also want to get drunk off mead and high off skooma with Conner's Survival Mode, because what's life without a co-morbid substance abuse disorder or two?" That was previously impossible... UNTIL NOW! Peruse, if you will, Sheo-- er, Caco's collection of patches for Skyrim Survival Mode and Conner's Survival Mode, and enable ridiculous requirements for each of said mods with their application.


1. Buy and install Skyrim's Creation Club's Survival Mode. (It's a good mode.)
2. Install the Skyrim's Creation Club's Survival Mode Patch.
3. Install Conner's Survival Mode.
4. Install your favorite mods.
5. Install a patch for those mods from the ever-growing list collected here.

Load order should be the same as install order.

Enjoy the relentless demands of this mortal coil! One day I'll help you shuffle off it.

-- Sheog -- Cacophony

Attention: This collection will be undergoing a rework with the release of Anniversary Edition, and also to support other Needs mods. Please keep your eyes on this space.