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In this sequel to Here There Be Monsters, go on the hunt for a man named Hans, the Trollhunter, and take up his quest to rid the world of five gigantic trolls before they awaken and destroy Skyrim!

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"No, you're wrong about that. There's nothing heroic about what I do. It's dirty work."
-Hans, the Trollhunter

The dreaded troll may be the most well known monster in all of Tamriel.  It lives in every corner of the continent and has haunted Man and Mer since time began.  The history of Tamriel is filled with stories of valiant heroes hunting down trolls and defending their villages.  But there are older stories, stories from ancient times that speak of trolls as ancient and massive as the hills and stones themselves, trolls that have been swallowed up by nature and become one with the landscape.  It is said that these monsters sleep just below the surface, and that one day they will emerge from earth that holds them prisoner and destroy the people of Tamriel.

There is a man named Hans, the Trollhunter, who has discovered these monsters and has vowed to destroy them before they can awaken.  Find him, and finish his work before it's too late!

This mod adds five massive trolls to various locations in the world, that will take a little bit of investigation to find and awaken.  The quest is fairly barebones, and will require more exploration and investigation to find these monsters.  Each one is unique and will offer a very different experience to battle!  It also adds a unique set of Trollhunter gear that can be upgraded and adapted to suit your play style.

You will have to read carefully and do some hunting to find and awaken these beasts.  To get started, you will find a book, a journal, and a letter in the Windpeak Inn that was left for a certain monster hunter...

-5 massive trolls, with unique powers, abilities, and weaknesses.
-Custom Trollhunter weapons.
-Custom Trollhunter armor that can be upgraded and adapted to any playstyle.
-Unique trophies and ingredients harvested from each kill.



Real-world origin:  The "Mountain King" in the Norwegian fairy tale "Per Gynt."

Location:  Sleeps in the glacier below Castle Karstaag.

(Frost Giant)

Real-world origin:  Based on the lake-troll in the song "Awaken" by the band Dethklok, and the corresponding episode of the cartoon "Metalocalypse."

Location:  Sleeps beneath Lake Ilinalta.

(Arena-Style Troll)

Real-world origin:  Named after a hill-troll in a Danish fairy tale.

Location:  Sleeps beneath the hills near Shor's Stone.

(Witcher 3 Rock Troll)

Real-world origin: Named for a rock-troll in Marvel's Thor comics, one of Thor's nemeses.

Location:  Sleeps in the Forsworn settlement at Cradle Stone Tower.


Real-world origin:  Based on the troll-like monster from the Old English poem "Beowulf."

Location:  Sleeps beneath the marsh north of Morthal.

If you're having trouble finding the trolls, here's some more help:





-Giant monsters tend to glitch a bit.  I've tried to optimize their size and environment to help this, but a little weirdness is inevitable with creatures this size.

-While this is a sequel to Here There Be Monsters *in spirit* it does not actually require the original mod.  There is no real crossover, other than Hans mentioning a monster hunter in his journal.

-This mod may share some assets with some of MihailMods creatures.  If prompted while installing, you should be fine overwriting (it only duplicates them so you don't need the original mod.)  It would be safest to install any MihailMods AFTER this mod, and let them overwrite this one.

-It seems like a shame to just kill off Hans.  I'd love to make him a full follower.

-I might add more trolls.

Here are some great mods by other authors that really add to the experience:

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A special thanks to rougeshot for letting me use his improved creature skeletons!

Also a special thanks to CDProjektRed for sharing their assets with the modding community!

And a huge shoutout to Brendon Small, creator of Dethklok, and the movie Trollhunter, for inspiring me to make this mod!

Voice Acting:

Nothing yet.

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