About this mod

Contains nearly everything i have been working on for skyrim so far.
About 300mb in finished .nifs and about 2,4gb in .max files for 3ds 2012

Permissions and credits
End Of The Line

This is my final contribution for the skyrim community. I can no longer keep modding and want to share my stuff so people can use it for their game, create new mods with it or just simply get an insight on my workflow to get some new ideas or whatever.


Animal Pack :
this contains meshes from the latest mod i was working on http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2819799-advanced-animal-followers-wip/
All of these meshes are 100% ingame ready and essentially bug free

Armor Pack:
this is a collection of male and female armor meshes i created over the time. Most of those meshes are ingame ready, some have some minor bugs that may need to be tweeked. All of the female meshes use some variant of the CBBE body.

3ds Scenes Pack:
This is the biggest one. It contains literally every save file i have from working with 3ds Max 2012. The range goes from creatures to armors and even jewelry from dovahbling. From ready to export to concept and everything in between. Explore for yourself maybe you find anything interesting.

I used all of those files with the 3.7.3 Nif plugin.


this is meant to be a resource so obiously it is free to use BUT with an exception for the dovahbling files. While i included backup saves from dovahbling wich you can use as you please the actual files wich are present in DovahBling Jewelry are not to be used without consent.


Thanks to all authors who let me use their assets
Mr. Dave