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firstly, sorry for the long wait.

and please read the full discription before asking any questions.

I still need to make the gaunlets and boots.

Thanks to Preykousis for the 'Mod of the Day' review!

but thanks to TheFrenchTickler it finally works ingame!

because of some people asking, I activated the ''install with mod manager'' thing..I don't know if it wil work becasue there are 2 seperate folders in the file (discibed below)
so if it doesn't work, just download the .rar file, extract it, and put the ''data'' folder of your desired version into your skyrim folder.

There are 2 versions in the .rar file:
- a stand alone armor
- a complete package with all my uruk-hai mods and the armor

In case you are using the complete package, I recommend disabling my other uruk-hai mods, i have not tested it, but I guess they will interfere with each other.

this said, I noticed all my mods interfere with eachother... so just use the complete package haha :')

to intall:
extract the file, choose the one you want, and drop the data folder into your skyrim folder

it's craftable in the orcisch catagory

and I know it's not completely accurate to the movies

making it work ingame/making the package by TheFrenchTickler
model and textures by me

one other thing people!
I decline any requests for changing little details.
I am not as dedicated as other modders and I'm just too damn lazy.
everything I make is mainly for myself. I just like to make things from time to time.
Sorry to everyone who'd wish to have little details changed.
I'm happy with it as it is.
and again, I make it for myself. I'm just uploading because others would like it too.
If you really really really can't live with a little detail thats killing you. I suggest using the internet to your advantage and learn it yourself. You'll only gain from it. it's fun to create things :D