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UPDATE November 11th 2020 - Major rework of mod. Please check installation instructions to ensure it looks correct.

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Hi all!

After many years I decided to come back and update this mod. I quickly found that it was hard to find the look I was going for with reshade on it's own so I gave a few ENB's a go. That's when I came across Rudy's amazing ENB for Obsidian weathers ( The successor to Dolomite weathers, what this preset was previously built upon). 

I reached out to Rudy and asked if he'd be okay with me releasing a version built upon his and he was happy for me to do so. I began using reshade to enhance the look of Rudy's ENB to a much more fantasy based look. After much trial and error I'm happy to release the first version of this new Skyrim visual enhancement and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I do.

Please note as this is built upon ENB and uses many advanced effects from both ENB and Reshade it will be quite the performance hog. If enough people want a performance version I may look into doing one.

Cheers guys,



 If you like this mod, please be sure to endorse it along with Rudy's ENB as the majority of the work was done by him, I just put the icing on the top. I can't imagine how many hours that guy has invested into his work.



Thanks so much for your work, your commitment to this reshade is outstanding. Super easy to tweak too with the new reshade. - gazman567

Wow. Nice work mate! Such a nice reshade and it only takes a bit of my fps. Thank you so much for this!- Tizix  

This is my favourite preset so far, nice work.ENDORSED - izon87604  

looks amazing - chypres89 

Uninstalled Climates of Tamriel to try this out, and I am not disappointed at all! And I don't have that odd purple hue that others have gotten. Installed True storms, then this sweet little gem, and I've been having a nerdgasm for the last ten minutes. GG M8! - jbgilbreath 

Love the new update. This is a great preset, the best out of the 10+ I have tried. I like how you built it around vanilla, which also makes it compatible with True Storms. Great work. - ThatSpartacusGuy
out of all the presets i've tried so far this is the perfect mix of colorfulness, contrast and performance.. and my blind ass doesn't have to turn the brightness at maximum inside dungeons so i can see a damn thing  well done! - acidflu 

Thank you for great reshade preset, endorsed! - halabit 

I generally don't like Reshades but so far this is the only real thing we've got for SSE. I tried lots of presets and I didn't like them too much, however you did really good. Both interiors and exteriors look good, in my opinion. It's changing the visuals enough but not over the top. Well balanced  Endorsed. - kazuyuki 

This is a majestic reshade. Endorsed. - PanicAtTheBanyo 

That's one badass, relatively low performance piece of art, I'm blown away. I'm a total ENB/Reshade snob and I'm utterly sold. 10/10 endorsed. -Callystaza
Sir, you are doing the lord's work. I personally set the vibrance to max for the extra "RealVision" look. Thank you so much. - fableboy10 

I almost gave up on the idea of finding a reshade preset i like... But this one really hits the spot. You are a genious! As far as i have tested it, it's exactly what i was searching for. Thank you for sharing this! - OutLaw666 

Thanks dude. This Reshade is literally perfect. - abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvqxyz 

f***ing awesome enb - quachdaivy 

Bang-up job with this Reshade, I've only tried one other Reshade thus far but this beats that one by leaps and bounds. Endorsed. - Devi0usMinds 

Very nice, finally a reshade/enb preset with the saturation / bloom i like. Thank you. - remlnx 

had to ditch away my own preset for this, it looks wonderful and stays true to the vanilla skyrim feel thank you! - sneezes 

Amazing ENB.I tried every single one out of the first 7-8 on the nexus and this is the only one that looks like an ENB should to me.
Had a bit of preformance trouble in and around riften but with some tiny tweaks I was able to get it at a steady 60.
Great work. - FashionSoulsReModded 

Very well done! The colors really compliment the environment! ENDORSED! - luthaum 

Your reshade is absolutely fantastic! I've tried several before yours and nothing can compare. - chubbyd07 

Using the Reshade...amazing. Game feels completely different! Also thanks for the recommendation of Noble Skyrim ^.^. It works great with this! Cheers! - LuLulz 


Beautiful ENB Preset finally found one that actually lets me play with minimal FPS hit. TY so much wish i could endorse twice. Will be looking forward to seeing more of your work Thanks - FFantasykid69

Your preset keeps getting better and better. Hoenestly, the only good ENB at this time. - Superw0rri0
OHHHHHH! This is bloody delicious mate! Would be nice if someone (you) made this enb=reshade for fallout 4 
 But in all seriousness good job, it's been the only enb on SSE that i've liked so far! - jyes

These are the  Visual mods I use in no particular order. If you want your game to look like the screenshots these are the mods you need. Please make sure you use LOOT as it will tell you what patches you need that I probably won't note. One is definitely Qwinn's Unified Patch Installer which you should run at the end and let it self install.

Hd Fire Effects
Embers HD
Enhanced Lights and FX - I only use the base + Enhancer
Enhanced Vanilla Trees - Large LUSH
Ethereal Clouds
Immersive Armours
Immersive Weapons
Jk's Skyrim
Nordic Snow
Obsidian Weathers and True Storms with Merged Patch - Make sure you select a version when installing it, you can't leave it as default or it won't do anything. I prefer the darker storms!
Realistic Water Two
Rustic Clothing
Rustic Windows
Ruins Clutter Improved
Skyrim 2020 with Parralax
Enhanced Night Sky
Veydosebrom - I just use default / authors recommendations
Great Forest of Whiterun

The rest of the mods are just character enhancements / body enhancements mods which you can find everywhere. 

NEED HELP? Post in the comments!

Before continuing browse to your Skyrim SE folder and delete the following if they're present.

Reshade Shaders folder and ENB Folder

  •  Download the latest Reshade and open and select SkyrimSE.  Select d310/11 as your renderer. When it asks which packages you want to install UNTICK ALL and then select the final one in the list, Legacy Standard Effects. On the next screen hit uncheck all and then select the followering shaders as this is all this preset uses. Ambient Light, Adaptive Sharpen, Clarity, Curves, High Pass Sharpen, Gaussian Blur, and Vibrance.
  • Download the latest ENB for Skyrim SE  and copy d3d11.dll and decompiler_46e.dll to your main skyrim SE directory. Download and install the following needed files. ENB HELPER SE,  Skyrim SE Shader Bundle for ENB, Smooth Sky MeshSkyrim Particle Patch for ENB and ENB LIGHT.
  • Install Obsidian Weathers, and then Enhanced Lights & FX SE selecting enhancer if you'd like darker interiors. 
  • Download Rudy ENB for Obsidian Weathers and copy everything inside the Skyrim se folder ( Ow Version - Skyrim SE Folder) To your base skyrim SE folder, overwriting when asked.
  • Open Enbseries.ini located in your root skyrim se directory and edit EnablePostPassShader=true to false.
  • Download my ENB Reshade from here, pasting it to your root skyrim se directory and overwrite when asked.
  • Open the game - Please note ENB takes around 20 seconds to load to that's normal. Once in press HOME, and follow the prompts, selecting my preset from the drop down menu. 
  • All effects are on by default. Press DEL to toggle reshade on and off and SHIFT + f12 to toggle ENB.
  • Any issues? let me know in the comments.

Crashes after installing reshade are likely due to something conflicting with dxgi.dll - This is usually caused by anything that has an on screen display such as graphics overclocking and monitoring software so first try and close these and see if it helps.

If not, you should update your direct X with Direct X Web Installer.

Delete d3d11.dll, dxgi.dll,d3dcompiler_46e.dll reshade folder and enb folder from your skyrim SE directory.