About this mod

This mod does improve textures and meshes and also corrects UV errors of many clutter objects, which can mostly be found in the dungeons of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Ruins Clutter Improved

Ruins Clutter Improved started as a retexturing project, with the main goal to improve some of the ugliest objects in the dungeons of Skyrim. It improves the visual experience of catacombs and ruins by adding more detail to common clutter objects like pots, sconces, candles, doors and many other ingame materials.

Now also availble for Xbox One on Bethesda.net.

Version History

    Version 3.2 Changes
  • Added new ruinscanopicjar texture
  • Added wrburialurn01 and wrcoffin01 mesh with corrected texture path for silver decoration
  • Included falmer temple chandelier in main patch
  • Included fix for the ratway wood and ruins linen texture in the main patch
  • Improved dragonclaw mesh and fixed texture seams
  • Improved mesh and texture of Seranas coffin in the Dimhollow Crypt
  • Improved vertex lighting and texture of several soulcairn static objects (walls, stairs, lightwell)
  • Improved riekling throne mesh
  • Improved trapdoor handle
  • Improved texture and uv mapping of several woodbeams (mines, riften, ship)
  • Improved texture and uv mapping of riftenrwhallarch01grate01 and riftenrwhallsewerhole01
  • Improved riften jail door
  • Improved shipkatariahdoor mesh and texture
  • Improved texture of basic wooden plate and woodenbowl
  • Improved dwarven oil texture (original design by SRW0)
  • Slightly improved pitchfork01 mesh and texture
  • Slightly improved puzzledoor texture
  • Slightly improved ruinsconcebase01 texture
  • Slightly improved soulgemholder texture
  • Slightly improved imperial and riften wood door
  • Fixed texture seams and slightly improved the mesh of the dragonstatues
  • Fixed bright blood texture on silverware in castle Volkihar
  • Restored ruinsconce01 mesh to original design, fixed the base mesh and texture seams

Version 3.1 Changes
  • Added high resolution textures for the dwemer plate, dwemer pottery and dwemer blood extractor. Original texture created by SRW0.
  • Added missing animated objects for high resolution broom and silver platter
  • Changed the handle position of the lantern mesh without a candle
  • Added several missing SMIM textures

    Version 3.0 Changes

  • Included SMIM textures
  • Improved enchantingworkbench texture and candlewax mesh
  • New vanilla lantern texture and improved mesh
  • New texture and improved mesh for miscpouch and miscsack
  • All new candles have separate textures now (should fix all black bar issues)
  • Thiefs guild golden loot redone
  • Ruinsceilingsconce new texture
  • Improved mesh and texture for nordic port cullislarge
  • Slightly improved ruins pot 4 texture
  • Silvercande sticks use new texture by skyrimaguas
  • New soulgem holder textures and improved mesh
  • Impwallcage improved mesh and texture
  • Impwood door and portcullis improved mesh and textures
  • Trapdoor ladder improved textures
  • Improved cavelamp mesh and texture
  • Spiderdinner meshes and texture improved
  • Improved shovel texture
  • Improved flagon texture
  • Slightly improved ruinssconcebase texture
  • Improved iron mesh and texture
  • Improved broom mesh and texture
  • Improved uv mapping for silver and sovngarde pottery
  • Improved textures, mesh and uv-mapping of spider dinner objects
  • Improved leatherstrips texture
  • Improved drum texture
  • Improved dwarvenoil texture
  • Improved basicplate and diningset textures
  • Improved floursack textures
  • Vampirefeed male/female model improved
  • Improved vampiremeat texture
  • Silverware blood improved texture
  • Bloodchalice imrpoved mesh and texture
  • Candlesticklever uses new candle mesh and textures
  • Improved ingredient bowls in castle voikihar portal room
  • Nordicpickaxe improved textures
  • Riekling candle uses new candlehorn mesh
  • Amethyst claw uses new ruinsclaw textures

If you downloaded the manual version, you need to unzip and extract the archive into your Skyrim/Data directory.

If you manually install this mod over SMIM you will be prompted to overwrite some files.

If you are using ELFX, you will have to overwrite some meshes (catacomb small ways and candlehorn chandeliers). You can do this safely. I tested my meshes in game with ELFX activated and there was no light flickering or other issues.

Since many things have changed compared to version 2.9. I would strongly recommend to do a clean install with the latest version to prevent problems.

Recommended Mods
Static Mesh Improvement Mod is a must have for every Skyrim player and works perfectly with Ruins Clutter Improved.

Thanks to Brumbek for his awesome SMIM and the permission to use his meshes for my latest update.
Thanks to SRW0 for his great dwemer textures. Check out his flickr page here.
Thanks to fadingsignal to let me use his male body textures SkySight Skins.
Thanks to Gamwich and Nazenn for providing the Bloodchalice base mesh and texture.
Thanks to skyrimaguas for the incredible silverware retexture Superior Silverware.
Also a big thanks to all supporters, Bethesda and the Skyrim Nexus community.