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There's a chance you'll make noise and alert enemies when taking an item based on the items weight and optional detection when breaking a lockpick or extinguishing a wall torch.

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Noisy Thief

With this mod, when you grab an item from the world, there is a chance you'll make some noise and alert nearby enemies. Also adds optional detection when breaking a lockpick or extinguishing a wall torch.

Taking Items
With "Use Skills" enabled in the MCM, the chances of making noise are based on the items weight and your Sneak/Pickpocket skills (30%/70%), when "Use Skills" is disabled, the chances only depend on the items weight.
Gain a small amount of pickpocket experience when picking up heavier items without alerting enemies. Can be disabled.
Difficulty multiplier, Chance To Fail and Pickpocket XP multiplier can be configured in the MCM

Wall Torches
If an enemy is within range of the torch's light or has a Line of Sight on the torch when you extinguish it, they might get alerted and come looking for you. Can be disabled.
Chance of alerting enemies and Torch Radius can be configured in MCM

Breaking Lockpicks
When picking a lock, if you break a pick, nearby enemies might hear it and come check out the noise. Can be disabled in MCM.
Chance of alerting enemies can be configured in MCM.

Skill Caps
If you're using Skyrim Skill Uncapper, you can use the MCM to scale Noisy Thief to your custom skill caps.

Updating: Uninstall old version, load game, save game, install new version

Idea from u/RedRidingHuszar

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