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Various small mods for Hearthfire homes that are too small for their own page.

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PatchesTheClown's Hearthfire Mods

Better Apiary
Changes the apiary so that it produces honey based on how many bees are in it. Every 3 days you'll get 3 honey and 1 honeycomb for every 10 bees in the apiary. In vanilla Skyrim the apiaries were just regular containers that respawned on cell reset.

Functional Butter Churns
Makes the butter churns functional. Activate to convert Jug of Milk to Butter.

Hearthfire Cellar Entrances
Adds a trapdoor next to the front doors of hearthfire homes to get directly into the cellar from the outside.

Daily Chicken Eggs
Requires SKSE64
Makes the chicken nests respawn daily and makes the eggs smaller because I felt bad for the chickens.

Lakeview Bard Replacer
Replaces the bard in Lakeview Manor

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