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Adds crates to the walled cities and HF homes that you can put some items in and have them shipped to another crate for a fee.

Permissions and credits
EES add a crate to each of the walled cities and to the Hearthfire homes you can use to ship items to other crates for a fee. An immersive and "fair" way to move your junk around.

Requires USSEP and SKSE64

  • Activate to use as a container
  • Sneak-Activate to open the shipping menu
  • 20 carry weight minimum per shipment
  • Weight limit can be adjusted with console command "set eesMinWeight to X"   (0 to disable. Default: 20)
  • Default price is 1 Septim per carry weight unit
  • Price per carry weight unit can be adjusted with console command "set eesPrice to X"    (Default: 1)
  • Hearthfire crates show up with the workbench after you buy the land

Crate Locations
  • Lakeview Manor - By workbench after buying land
  • Windstad - By workbench after buying land
  • Heljarchen - By workbench after buying land
  • Whiterun - By Belethor's General Goods' front door
  • Riften - By the door that goes to the docks, near the blacksmith
  • Solitude - On the docks near a pile of crates, by Vittoria Vici's office
  • Markarth - Arnleif and Sons Trading Company, walk in, look to your right before going down the stairs
  • Windhelm - On the docks, by East Empire Company's door

You can only use one patch

Blackthorn Patch

Adds an EES crate by the front door of Blackthorn Manor.

Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch
Adds an EES crate by the Museum entrance.

Legacy of the Dragonborn V5 Patch
Adds an EES crate by the Museum stairs.
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