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This mod changes Skooma from a stamina potion to strong narcotic, adding withdrawals, addiction and anything Skooma related like dens, dealers, a crafting station, growable Moon Sugar, Skooma pipes and more.

Permissions and credits
Skoomatologist (Beta)
This mod changes Skooma from a stamina potion to strong narcotic, adding withdrawals, addiction and anything Skooma related like dens, growable Moon Sugar, Skooma pipes and more. All types of Skooma give strong stamina regeneration buff during the high and debuff once you crash, the rest of the effects vary.
The base recipe for all Skoomas is 2 Moon Sugar and 3 Nightshade.
All Skoomas can be crafted at the Skooma Distillery.

SKSE64 is required for addiction to work

Can be disabled
Every time you use some Skooma it raises your addiction level, the stronger the Skooma the more addictive it is and the less you wait between doses, the faster your addiction builds up.
There are 3 stages of addiction, Minor Skooma Addiction, Skooma Addiction and Major Skooma Addiction. There are common effects that get stronger as the addiction progresses and effects unique to each stage

Khajiits have a 20% resistance to Skooma addiction.

  • <6 hours since last Skooma = 3x addiction increase
  • <12 hours since last Skooma = 2x addiction increase
  • <24 hours since last Skooma = 1.5x addiction increase
  • >24 hours since last Skooma = 1x addiction increase
Ways to decrease addiction:
  • Every 24 hours without Skooma
  • Getting some sleep
  • Meditate (Lesser Power)
  • Cleansing Tonics (3 levels)
  • Consuming food and drinks containing Moon Sugar

Skooma Distillery
The cooking pot can be used to make Cleansed, Redwater and Regular Skooma. The Skooma Distillery can be used to make any Skooma and can be found at any Skooma Den.

Visual Effects
Can be disabled
Each type of Skooma has unique visual effects ranging from mild distortion to heavy hallucinations.

Skooma Dens
Skooma dens are sprouting up all over Skyrim. You'll find plenty of Skooma to buy, or steal but be warned, they employ some of the toughest guards around. (See Images for help finding the entrances)
  • Markarth, door beneath the waterfalls in Markarth, west of the blacksmith
  • Narzulbur, mine entrance between Stronghold and Gloombound Mine, under long bridge
  • Solitude (Under Construction), sewer entrance in the alley between the Bard's College and Bryling's House
  • Windhelm, west end of the docks by the brazier and dead tree
  • Winterhold, floor hatch in one of the burnt out houses
  • Whiterun, little farmhouse near stables

Moon Sugar Seeds
Rare and expensive, Moon Sugar Seeds are imported by the Khajiit caravans. Plant them in Fertile Soil and grow your own Moon Sugar
Khajiit Caravans
Due to Skooma's increased popularity, the Khajiit Caravans have been smuggling more and more Moon Sugar, and with it comes a variety of new foods and ingredients from Elsweyr. The majority of these goods are sold by the new Caravan. (Mon-Tue-Wed in Falkreath, Fri-Sat near Winterhold, Thu-Sun traveling

Skooma Pipes
There are  Skooma Water Pipes in certain dens you can use to take a hit of the house Skooma at a 10% discount.

There are also portable pipes. If you have a Skooma pipe in your inventory you'll get an bonus effect depending on which pipe you've got. When you use Skooma, it will search your inventory for the best (read: most expensive) pipe and apply the proper buff.
Pipes can be crafted at a forge, anything above Wood needs the appropriate Smithing Perk

Pipes are checked in the following order, first one found is the one used;
  • Orcish Pipe (Damage Resist)
  • Dwarven Pipe (Health)
  • Elven Pipe (Magicka)
  • Glass Pipe (Stamina)
  • Steel Pipe (Same as Wood but doesn't burn out)
  • Wood Pipe (Stamina Regen, burns out after 3 uses)

Black Market
Skooma is illegal. Regular merchants will no longer buy and sell Skooma. The only people dealing in Skooma are Khajiit Caravans, Thieves Guild fences and dealers. Moon Sugar is illegal but is still traded in small quantities by merchants, large quantities are smuggled in and sold by the Khajiit caravans.

Types of Skooma
Only the main effect is listed, see the Skooma Effects article for more details.
  • Skooma (Stamina Regen+)
  • Cleansed Skooma (Stamina Regen, Almost no crash)
  • Double-Distilled Skooma (Stamina Regen++)
  • Redwater Skooma (Stamina Regen+++)
  • Ghostveil Skooma (SpeedMult)
  • Hist Sap Skooma (1H&2H Damage, Increased buffs for Argonians)
  • Black Lotus Skooma (Poison Cloak)
  • Icebane Skooma (Frost Resist)
  • Fireblood Skooma (Fire Resist)
  • Venom Skooma (Poison Immunity)
  • Mad Cat Skooma (Slow Time)
  • Minstrel's Skooma (Barter/XP% gained)
  • Berserker's Skooma (Melee Damage/Attack Speed)
  • Bullhorn Skooma (Carry Weight)

New Ingredients, Foods, Recipes and Potions

A few new potions and ingredients, and some recipes added for a few vanilla potions.
  • Black Lotus Flower: Chance to be sold by some alchemists or drop from Falmer and Hagraven, Chance to spawn in Apothecary Satchels, Guaranteed to be sold by Brand-Shei
  • Yeast Pile: Found anywhere salt can be found.
  • Grain Alcohol: Found most places Wine can be found, sold by Innkeepers and can be crafted at a cooking pot
  • Hist Sap: Some Argonians carry some, sold at Windhelm den, otherwise it needs to be crafted at a cooking pot
  • Moon Sugar Seeds: Sold rarely by Khajiit Caravans
  • More...
New Food and Drinks (containing Moon Sugar):
  • Moon Mead
  • Bard's Brew
  • Honey Glazed Boar
  • Moonberry Pie
  • Sweet Bread
  • Candied Yams
  • Chocolate
  • Moon Sugar Cookies
  • More...

Optional Files
  • Skooma Drunk Effects - Adds the "Drunk" visuals from the Skoomatologist alcohols to the vanilla alcohols. This patch is unnecessary if you use a "Needs" mod that adds visual effects to alcohol. Requires Skoomatologist v0.7 or higher
  • Skoomatologist - CACO Patch - Merges lists from both mods. Favors Skoomatologist for skoomas and CACO for everything else. Don't use "Skooma Drunk Effects" with CACO.

  • Addiction and Visuals can be disabled through the Lesser Power "Options: Skoomatologist"
  • You need at least 1 Moon Sugar in your inventory to see the new food recipes
  • Philter of the Phantom recipes only shows up if you have one of the "Potion of Invisibility"
  • Double-distilled Skooma can be made after the favor quest in Windhelm.
  • There's a carriage near the Cyrodiil border crossing, if you get in the back, it will take you to a new location, this place is a major work in progress and has some issues but it's safe to check it out, the problems are mostly graphical. You can activate the rowboat by the pier to get back to Skyrim
  • Mad Cat and Minstrel's Skooma have no recipes, they can only be bought at the den that makes them. (Markarth and Solitude)
  • If you spend more than an hour in the Smokestack (Narzulbur Den) by the fire in the center , you'll get high off of the second hand smoke
  • See article for a list of edited records.

Thank you to the following modders for generously allowing the use of their assets
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Redguard Fashion SSE (CDProjekt Red, RavenDier, singlebelong and Tasheni)
Jokerine's Misc Resources (Jokerine)
New Plants (Yughues and Tamira)
Assorted Resources (Tamira and McMuffin)
HoddminirGroundTextures (elinen)
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