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iSnore is a lightweight, non-intrusive sleep encounter mod.

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iSnore is a lightweight, non-intrusive sleep encounter mod. It's very simple, if you sleep in a cell with enemies, they might hear your snoring (Doesn't cause actual snoring)  and come looking for you. Sometimes they'll find you and you'll wake up to an attack, other times they'll be a ways off coming towards you and sometimes they won't find you at all but will have moved around enough while looking for you that you might have to switch up your tactics. The longer you sleep the more likely they are to find you. You can rest easy if you've cleared the location, it doesn't spawn new enemies, only checks for existing ones. NPCs and Undead are the only types that will seek you out.

It has no looping scripts, doesn't spawn anything and uninstalls clean. It's compatible with everything, even other encounter mods.

The base chance of an encounter is 5%. There's a 1.25X multiplier for sleeping during the day and a 2X for sleeping indoors. So at 5% base chance, taking an afternoon nap in a bandit cave would give you a 12.5% (=5x2x1.25) chance to be discovered.

Base chance, daytime multiplier and indoor multiplier can be changed in the MCM.

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