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Those using the excellent Myrkvior tree mod with the Morekvior enhancement will have noticed that some of the trees "pop-in" from LOD to full (particularly noticeable in the Reach). This adds 3D static LOD meshes for Morekvior, which are missing from that mod.

Permissions and credits
This add-on is incompatible with Fixed Mesh Lighting mod (if that mod ever updates Morekvior or Myrkvior meshes), because that mod alters Lighting Effect 1 in the meshes, thus changing the CRC32 values. I will not be revising LOD models for any trees touched by that mod, since I am not convinced this lighting tweak is useful for at least some tree mods. My testing has revealed that these lighting tweaks trade off one small problem (slightly glowing trees at night) for a larger problem, depending on the trees (very dark branches in daylight on non-normal faces, but still some glow on normal faces).

These are DynDOLOD 3D hybrids for Morekvior - Myrkvior Visual Enhancement. Hybrids were built from the Morekvior trees and uploaded with permission from Xerlith to supplement the tree models that mod uses to enhance the excellent Myrkvior - The Flora Of Skyrim - Trees SSE by kojak747. With this mod, Morekvior becomes a complete Mrykvior enhancement, and all tree LOD will be compatible and consistent with these mods.

NOTE: This mod expects object LODGen via DynDOLOD 3 Alpha 39+ because DynDOLOD 2 cannot create trunk/tree billboards ... and I didn't include them with the mod, since people should be using DynDOLOD 3 at this point anyway. It is much better for both mod authors and users.


Simply download/install the mod after (or merge into) Morekvior, run TexGen 3.xx+, and follow with DynDOLOD 3.xx+. As indicated, both Morekvior and Mrykvior are required to have been previously installed:

  1. Myrkvior - The Flora Of Skyrim - Trees SSE
  2. Myrkvior - TFoS Add-On - 3D Hybrid Trees SSE - DynDOLOD
  3. Morekvior-Myrkvior Visual Enhancement
  4. This mod

Recommended DynDOLOD 'tree' mesh rules:

  • Ultra: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Level1, LOD16/Level2
  • Performance: LOD4/Billboard4, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard(1) (looks VERY good and may be optimal for many)
  • Optimal: LOD4/Level0, LOD8/Billboard4, LOD16/Billboard´╗┐(1)

For more information about using DynDOLOD 3.xx and all other LODGen, check out the LOD instructions on the latest Step guide.

None of this would have been possible without sheson (DynDOLOD fork) and the xEdit developers (base application)