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Effects that change your weapon speed are bugged if two are active at the same time. This mod fixes that.

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Weapon Speed Effects Fix:


Effects that change your weapon speed are bugged if two are active at the same time. They give you a weapon speed much higher than intended.
For example, if both Elemental Fury (first word) and Dual Flurry Rank 2 are active at the same time, your weapon speed is +185% instead of +85%.
This mod fixes that.

The following spells/perks modify your weapon speed:
Perk: Quickshot
Perk: Dual Flurry Rank 1 and 2
Shout: Elemental Fury
Shout: Battle Fury

Technical explanation of the bug:
Weapon speed is dictated by two actor values: WeaponSpeedMult and LeftWeaponSpeedMult. When equal to 1.0 or 0.0, speed is normal (100%), when between 1.0 and 0.0 speed is slowed down (0.5 = 50% speed), when above 1.0, speed is higher (1.5 = 150%).
By default, those actor values are set to 0.0. Because of this, effects that improve your weapon speed add a value greater than 1.0. For example Quickshot adds 1.30, giving a +30% to weapon speed (as intended). But when Elemental fury is also active (let's say just the first word, so +50% speed intended), it adds an additional 1.5 to the actor values, and the total becomes 2.8 (1.3 + 1.5). The weapon speed is now 280% instead of the intended 180% (100% + 50% + 30%).

Requirements & (Un)Installation:

You need Skyrim Special Edition V1.5.39 or above.
You need to install the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.
Installation as usual. Install with your favorite mod manager or manually in the data folder.
Uninstall on an saved game is not recommended. If you do, use console commands to set player base actor values WeaponSpeedMult and LeftWeaponSpeedMult to 0.0 after you removed my mod ("player.setav weaponspeedmult 0.0", "player.setav leftweaponspeedmult 0.0").

Compatibility & Load Order:

This mod edits Elemental Fury, Quickshot and Dual Flurry Spell and Magic Effect records.
Mods that do not modify those records are compatible, mods that do will require conflict resolving with SSEEdit.
I won't be providing patches for this mod.


Attack Speed Framework by renketsu0


Bethesda Softworks for making TES:Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
All members of the xEdit team.
DC Comics for the illustration (The New 52, The Flash #3).


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
You can consider this mod as a resource. Feel free to copy, modify and upload this mod anywhere, as long as it is for non-lucrative purpose.

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