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This mod adds the animations from Skyrim Spear Mechanic to various weapons in OMEGA Heavy Armory Enchanted.

Permissions and credits
This mod is an animation replacer that adds the Skyrim Spear Mechanic javelin & spear animations to all shortspear weapons in OMEGA Heavy Armory Enchanted.

Each weapon type covered will have it's own .esl file, to keep under the record limit & save .esp slots. 

Shortspear summary:
All attacks use javelin animations.
Shield Bash uses vanilla animations instead of the javelin throwing animations.
1h bash uses the spear animation bash. The animation for the left hand is slightly off due to the shortspear's length, but it's still more fitting than the vanilla animation.

DAR - Dynamic Animation Replacer
OMEGA Heavy Armory
Skyrim Spear Mechanic

Add animations to HAE Spears
Add animations to HAE Tridents
Alter spear 1h bash to fit shortspears
Possible support for other versions of Heavy Armory.

PrivateEye for Heavy Armory - New Weapons,
EnaiSiaion for Summermyst
Merrymac for  Heavy Armory Enchanted
chocolatenoodle for MLU
EverWatch for OMEGA Heavy Armory
ashingda for Skyrim Spear Mechanic