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Removes the ambient distant interior fog.

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  • Italian
This is a port of rgabriel15's mod that aims to remove the interior ambient fog. 

I cleaned the file with SSEedit, saved it in the new CK, removed one wild edit and carried the latest changes from USEEP over.

NOTE: This mod only removes the distant interior fog, it doesn't remove the floating mist particles. If you want to remove those, use the mod Interior and Dungeon Fog Remover.

Requirements: USSEP

Since many mods alter interior cells and I won't make patches for all of them, most likely some adjustments made by this mod will be overwritten (i. e. some cells will still have interior fog), as long as you don't carry over the changes made by this mod in xEdit.


  • Relighting Skyrim: load before Remove Interior Fog - compatible