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Adds quest markers to quests that were previously missing them.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds quest markers to quests that were previously missing them. Simple as that. Currently covers the following quests:

  • A Return To Your Roots*
  • Drowned Sorrows*
  • Destruction Ritual Spell
  • Extracting an Argonian
  • First Edition
  • Forgotten Vale Books Quest*
  • Illusion Ritual Spell (quest markers are only visible while under the effect of Vision of the Tenth Eye)
  • Impatience of a Saint
  • Soul Cairn Horse Quest

* Not retroactive. If the quest has already started, when this mod is installed, no new quest marker will appear.

This mod should be considered work in progress. There is no comprehensive list of quests that are missing markers. Thus this mod only covers quests, that have been reported or that I found myself. If you encounter a quest that has no quest markers, please report it to me so I can add it. Note that it's only possible to add quest markers if there is a known target. It's impossible to add markers for fetch quests like "Collect 10 bear pelts".

I won't be adding quest markers for No Stone Unturned because there is already a mod for that: Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers.

Load Order

Should be loaded as high as possible but after Even Better Quest Objectives.


Not compatible with mods that edit quests for which markers were added. In case of conflicts you usually want to let the other mod win the conflict because their changes are probably more important.

Fixes from the unofficial patches have been included.

Fully compatible with Even Better Quest Objectives. Their improved quest descriptions have been included.

Known Issues

Skyrim has a limit of 16 quest markers that can be displayed at the same time on the compass and in the world. The map will always correctly display all quest markers.