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Displays the current season in the game menus.

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I was always annoyed never knowing which seasons I found myself in so I had the idea of "Seasonal Calendar"...

This mod displays the current season, you can see it in the waiting menu, the map, or the selection cross. You can finally know when you can go out in a swimsuit in Skyrim!

Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, Summer
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, Summer³
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, Summer 3
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, 3 Summer
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, 3M Summer
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, SU
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, SU³
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, 3 SU
Morndas, 4:37 AM, 18 Last Seed, 3M SU

In my wait menu appears "3M Summer" what does that mean?
- You can read this as being: "The 3rd month of summer"

A season lasts 3 months, with this system you can know how much time you have before moving on to the next season.
For example, if currently it is displaying "3M Summer" (The 3rd month of summer) the following month will have this name: "1M Autumn" (The 1st month of autumn) and so on...

Why didn't you write "Summer" in its entirety rather than "SU"?
- I tried to write it that way at first, but it was cut through the menus, I was forced to write the seasons in the smallest possible way...
(There are several versions without cutting for those who don't mind.)

"18th of Last Seed" became "18 Last Seed" what happened?
- I had to do this for the same reason given above, to gain space in the text...

Seasons of Skyrim by Powerofthree (Requires SKSE) *NEW*
Seasons of Skyrim VR Patch by Alandtse (For Skyrim VR, Requires SKSE VR) *NEW*
Seasonal Weathers Framework by SirArindel (Requires SKSE) *NEW*
(Add the seasons to: Mythical Ages, Picturesque Weathers, Rustic Weathers, Azurite Weathers)
Evolving Value Economy by DrPharmDawg *NEW*

Onyx - VR Weathers by Wolfman5750 (For Skyrim VR)
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons by Kojak747
Simply Obsidian Weathers by Manguz
Cathedral Weathers and Seasons by JonnyWang13
Cathedral Weathers - Diverse Seasons by Voeille
- Aequinoctium - Weathers and Seasons by Omega2008
Haze - Weather Seasons Atmosphere Overhaul by Grvulture
Kyne's Weathers and Seasons by Mnikjom
- Scandinavian Seasons by L3st4t
Northern Saga Weathers and Seasons by L3st4t
Seasons of Dolomite Nlva2 by L3st4t
- NRL - Natural Realistic Lighting Addon for ENBs by L3st4t


- It should work without problems with SkyUI or Skyrim VR, SKSE is not required!
- You can uninstall it at any time!
- The correspondence between months and seasons is based on the Obsidian and Aequinoctium Weathers.
- This mod should be compatible with everything, I don't know any mod that is in conflict.
- There is also the A Matter of Time mod if you want a more complete version but you need SKSE, my version is much simpler.

(English is not my language, all that is written is done with Google Translate, which is difficult, it is for this reason that I do not answer all the messages)