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A comprehensive, modular gameplay overhaul for Skyrim. Addresses perks, races, combat, standing stones, enemy scaling, encounter zones, and survival.

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Thanks to vadfrommu, Skyrim Skill Uncapper is up and running again. You can find both fixed SSE and new AE versions of uncapper here.

This is a port of T3nd0's popular Skyrim Redone mod,
intended for use with Reproccer Reborn.

original mod by T3nd0
ported to SSE by jdsmith2816
description by matortheeternal


Skyrim Redone is a comprehensive, modular gameplay overhaul for Skyrim.  The overhaul addresses perks, races, combat, standing stones, enemy scaling, encounter zones, and survival.

The primary goal of this overhaul is to provide more options for specialization.  Master fighting with a katana, reforge your crossbow to address different situations, harvest bones as a necromancer, disguise yourself as a Forsworn, or blow up bandit camps with explosives.

Skyrim Redone is the result of hundreds of hours of gaming, modding, and processing user feedback.  It has a rich history of use with Classic Skyrim.  If you give it a try, and you may find that it's changes improve the game to your taste.


Skyrim Redone is kind of "done". The original Skyrim mod hasn't been updated since 2014.  This port was created by fans of the overhaul who wanted to use the overhaul with SSE and share it with other SSE players. Because of this, it is unlikely that this mod will receive any major updates or support.

Please do not expect any updates or fixes. Consider the version of the mod uploaded here as final. That said, if you want to contribute changes or fixes, please post a comment in the comment section or send a private message to one of the project maintainers.  (jdsmith2816, ingvion)

Support and development is reopened. Yay! Please address any questions, advices and wishes to the comment section, bugs (or what you think is a bug) - to bugs section. You can also send a PM to the project's current maintainer (ingvion).

This description includes most but not all of the details from the original Skyrim Redone mod page description. Feel free to refer to the original mod page description.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, when should I start to consider using an overhaul like this one?
A: If you've played vanilla for a while and are disappointed by the lack of depth and options, especially regarding character development. Bonus points if you've been playing the console version before and want to check out what modders can do with enough free time.

Q: Where can I get a complete breakdown of everything this overhaul does?
A: T3nd0 created a guide which you can download here.  Note that the description of this mod page is not particularly useful, so just download the guide from it.  The majority of this guide should be applicable to Skyrim Redone for Skyrim SE, but a few details (particularly those referencing the ReProccer) may no longer be accurate.

Q: What does Skyrim Redone not change?
A: Skyrim Redone doesn't make any changes to dragons, animation, quests (except the magic school mastery quests), vanilla textures/meshes, werewolves, vampires, cells/locations, or spawn points.

Q: Can I use my weapon/armor mods with Skyrim Redone?
A: Yes, use ReProccer Reborn to patch them to work with Skyrim Redone.


1. Verify you have all requirements installed (see the section below).
2. Download Skyrim Redone from Nexus Mods.
3. Install Skyrim Redone in your mod manager of choice.  MO2 or Vortex is recommended for managing SSE mods.
4. Start a new game.  Note that characters created with SkyRe cannot be rolled back to vanilla.

For a more thorough installation guide you can refer to the following tutorial videos for installing SkyRe for Skyrim Classic.  Note that these tutorials are for Skyrim Redone for Skyrim Classic.  The mod pages referenced, the installation options shown, and anything related to the ReProccer will be different from installing for SSE.  This section will be updated once videos for installing Skyrim Redone for SSE have been made.

Dirty Weasel Media - Skyrim Redone for Mod Organizer - The Core Components
Gopher - Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 59: SkyRe (REVISED)
Maleix - Skyrim Modding Tutorial 3: T3nd0s Skyrim Redone (Quick and Dirty)


SKSE64 - Required for the respec potion and some spells.
Skyrim Skill Uncapper - Required to make full use of SkyRe's perk changes.
ReProccer Reborn - Required to balance items and make them work with SkyRe's systems.

The Main Module

Skyrim Redone's main module contains all changes to skills and perks, as well as changes relative to these changes including changes to spells, sneaking, leveled lists, crafting, and more.  This module is comprised of two plugin files, SkyRe_Main.esp and ReProccer.esp.  Both of these plugins must be active in order for Skyrim Redone's core functionality to operate as described below.

Expand the spoiler below to view a summary of the changes made in this module.


Races Module

In vanilla Skyrim, the only real difference between an Orc and a Breton is that one needs an additional piece of magic resist gear.  To make race choices matter, Skyrim Redone's Race Module completely reimagines all racial abilities.  Nothing was copied from Morrowind/Oblivion, all abilities are completely fresh and new while still being lore friendly.  Race heights are also modified in this module, with values inspired by Morrowind.  Both loading screens and race descriptions have been updated to reflect the changes made in this module.

Expand the spoiler below to view a summary of the changes made in this module.


Combat Module

Combat in vanilla Skyrim basically consisted of spamming power attacks with an "Absorb Stamina" enchantment or vegetable soup. No tactic was
required, and stamina did virtually nothing.  Skyrim Redone changes the combat system to rely heavily on stamina (and on health to a lesser extent).  This forces you to approach fights tactically, especially when enemy AI, levels, or scaling have been made more extreme through other mods such as the Skyrim Redone Enemy AI, Enemy Scaling, and Encounter Zones modules.

All changes from this module are dynamically applied to all actors.  Check out the guide for a full breakdown of the changes this module makes.  Note that several aspects of this module can be toggled on/off ingame.

Standing Stones Module

Vanilla Standing Stones provided nice boosts that were either small or overpowered.  This module changes standing stones to provide trade-offs between advantages and disadvantages.  The module also adjusts the standing stone loading screens to correspond to its changes.

- Warrior Stone: Unchanged.
- Thief Stone: Unchanged.
- Mage Stone: Unchanged.
- Apprentice Stone: Boosts your magicka and magicka regeneration but reduces your magic resistance.
- Serpent Stone: Deal 50% more damage with sneak attacks, but deal 20% less damage on all other attacks.
- Lord Stone: Gain 25% magic resist but take 25% increased damage from all non-magical attacks.
- Atronarch Stone: Gain 150 magicka and 50% spell absorption.  Magicka regeneration is reduced by 95%.
- Lady Stone: Increases stamina and health regeneration by 50%.  Reduces magicka regeneration by 50%.
- Steed Stone: Gain +100 carry weight and +15% frost resistance.  Reduces fire resistance by 30%.
- Lover's Stone: Deal 50% more physical damage and take 50% more physical damage.
- Tower Stone: Allows you to unlock any lock up to expert difficulty.  No downsides.
- Shadow Stone: Increases chance pickpocket success by 25% and increases buying prices by 25%.
- Ritual Stone: Triples the duration of summons.  Reduces the magnitude of all other spells by 25%.

Enemy Scaling Module

In vanilla Skyrim enemies do not scale well past level 50 and generally suffer from a lack of perks and spells.  This module improves the variety of enemy levels, improves scaling, and more.  Note that this module does not affect dragons.  See the "Recommended Mods" section for a solution to dragon scaling.  This module also includes a few loading screens with information on creature strengths and weaknesses.

- Where vanilla skyrim would spawn a level X enemy, this module has the game spawn an enemy in the level range of 0.5x to 1.5x.  E.g. where the vanilla game would spawn a level 10 enemy, this module will spawn an enemy in the 5-15 level range.
- High level enemies and bosses now scale up to level 100.
- Where the vanilla game would spawn enemies at level 1, this module spawns enemies in the 1-3 level range.
- Random encounter thieves and assassins now scale up alongside the player up to level 100.
- Humanoid enemy stats have been adjusted across the board, and now closely mirror player stats.  This makes gameplay more fair and opens up new tactics such as avoiding spells to get enemy mages to run out of magicka.  This feature is somewhat experimental, and does not affect the Forsworn.
- Humanoid enemies are given more perks and spells, including the ones added by Skyrim Redone.
- Creatures and animals now have realistic resistances.  E.g. steam-driven Dwemer automatons are weak to frost but strong against other forms of magic and bladed weapons, ghosts become incorporeal when not attacking, skeletons are resistant to arrows and bladed weapons, etc.

Enemy AI Module

In vanilla Skyrim, many enemies spend a considerable amount of time in combat idle, simply waiting for the player to kill them.  This highly recommended module addresses this behavior through a few script-free tweaks:

- Enemies attack more often
- Enemies block more often
- Enemies get more aggressive when they have superior numbers
- Enemies are better at interrupting power attacks
- Enemies now attack more often against staggered opponents

Encounter Zones Module

In vanilla Skyrim, a small number of encounter zones have a minimum level, and most will adjust to scale enemies to match the player's level.  This makes it easy to beat a dungeon whenever you encounter it.  This module assigns minimum levels to many zones, several of which are quite high.  This means that you may encounter areas where enemies are too strong to beat until you've leveled up a bit more.  It also means that you may be able to get awesome and powerful loot early on in the game by grinding through a difficult, high-level dungeon early.

If you choose not to use this module, you're probably a domesticated flightless bird.

Recommended Mods

- iHUD
- Dual Wield Parrying
Weapon Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes
- Interesting NPCs SE

Thanks & Credits

- T3nd0: for creating Skyrim Redone.  Thank you for providing thousands of hours of entertainment to the community and giving permission for this port.
- The Skyrim Redone userbase and community. Thank you for helping make this mod as awesome as it is today.
- jdsmith2816: For doing all the work to port the ReProccer to UPF and the Skyrim Redone mod files to SSE.
ingvion: For all of his ongoing maintenance and support work.  Thanks mate!
- 747823: Weapons of the Third Era
- EnaiSiaion: Modern Brawl Bug Fix
- PrivateEye: Heavy Armory
- Borgut1337: Sneak Tools
- Grantiz: Recurve Longbows
NickaNak: animations and models for halberds and longspears
ashingda: animations for shortspears


We have a Discord server, where you can report an issue, get help, suggest a feature or discuss this mod.