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A comprehensive wall of text PDF guide that covers all there is to know about the overhaul Skyrim Redone.

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LOL, a guide for a mod made it into the hotfiles! A Guide!

- A good observer


Guide to Skyrim Redone
by T3nd0


Short FAQ:

Q: What is this?
A: A huge (~100 pages) wall of text about my other mod.

Q: Wtf? Who would read that?
A: People that want some more detailed insight into SkyRe's mechanics. Or that have a small monitor that can't display the perk descriptions.

Q: I have a hot file. Can I use Snakey the Hot Files Snake for my image?
A: Sure, go ahead.

Q: Booooring. Does it at least contain those funny images. I really like funny images olololol ^^
A: Check for yourself. SPOILER: Nope, no funny stuff. Just text.

Q: Why a mod page of its own?
A: Because it's better accessible that way. People usually ignore optional downloads.

Q: Something's missing! Where can I post it?
A: FORUMS -> "Errors? Something missing?"

Q: Hey there sexy, how are you doing?
A: Not bad, and you?
Q: It's a fine day with you around. <3 Want to go out for a coffee?
A: I'd prefer some tea, to be honest.
Q: Whatever floats your boat sweetey. :3 Want to go to my flat afterwards? There sure are some DVDs I'd like to watch with you. XD
A: I do not think that this is the proper place to discuss this.
Q: Kk, I'll give you a call, my handsome modderguy. <3
A: Not sure if want.
Q: Why is that, sugarhoney?
A: I don't think we have much in common...
Q: If we don't hang out and kiss, we'll never find out ^^
A: Not possible, I'm afraid.
Q: But but but...
A: You're just some imaginary person I made up while writing this mod description. You're not real. We can't kiss. You don't exist.
Q: Now you're hurting my feelings (-_-)'
A: Come on, come on... deep inside, you already knew, didn't you?
Q: It's just that... I hoped the two of us would be more to each other than "crazy dude" and "girly, surreal FAQ question compilation".
A: What were you hoping for?
Q: I want to be with you! I want to hold your hand in cold winter, I want you to hold me when I'm afraid, I want to face the ever-changing world with a strong pillar at my side that holds my life together. :'O
A: Well, you're still not real. Holding your hand isn't possible, because you have no hands.
Q: *sniff* You can be quite mean, you know that?!
A: *sight* Alright, a hug shouldn't hurt. Come over here.
Q: I... I can't...
A: Why?
Q: Because I'm only 12 years old, you pervert sick f**k! :/
A: -.-

Q: Is this compatible with Immersive Armor and Apocalypse?
A: Luls

Q: This guide made my game crash on start. Pls fix kthxbai
A: Luls

Q: Is the guy behind the mask really Madara? I have my doubts.
A: No, it's actually Obito, Kakashi's childhood companion who is believed to be dead. You notice when you realize his jutsu is essentially equal to Kakashi's ocular dimension banishment stuff. Also, you can just repeatedly say "Obito" to get "ObitoObitoObito".
Q: Wow! That's some crazy stuff right there! Well played, story writers!
A: Indeed.

Q: You're not funny. I demand that this nonsense be stopped! NAO!
A: Luls

Q: Chicken or beef?
A: Chicken all the way.

Q: I'm being bullied at school. Can I print this guide and use it a a club-type weapon?
A: Sure thing. Don't forget to come back and endorse!

Q: Can you link me to a funny youtube video?
A: Sure, how about this one:
A: It's Dark Souls though.
Q: Meh.

Q: Is poise a crotch?
A: I don't think that's the correct word.

Q: Is poise a crutch?
A: Sure is. True men don't wear armor, except for family masks, and don't get hit. Only exception is giantdad. And Tarkus.

public class modUser extends gamer{
private void fixMod(ModAuthor a)
while (Skyrim.crashes()){
a.spamPMInbox("My game crashes pls halp");

public class T3nd0 extends modAuthor implements WeirdHumour{
public void spamPMInbox(String message){
if (message.contains("halp") || message.contains("pls"))

Q: What's you favourite song?
A: Why would I tell you?
Q: C'mon, don't be jerk! Just answer!
A: Ewwwhhh... ok. Quite a few actually. Right now, I'm mostly listening to Stone Sour. Why did you ask?
Q: Well, I... I... I...
A: Damnit, I know that voice! Why did you come back here?
Q: Because we're meant to be.
A: Meant to be what?
Q: Meant to be together, of course! Just... don't touch me inappropriately, right?
A: -_-

Q: When did the real FAQ end?
A: A long time ago, friend. A long time ago.

Q: So, you all crazy and shit? Fo' real?
A: I spent more than a year with the CK. You'd probably be dead by now broseph.





Q: Where is everyone? It's so lonely down here...

Q: Hello?

Q: Anybody?

Q: It is dark, and I am hungry.

Q: I just want to go home....