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UPF-based patcher which makes armor, weapons, ammunition, and potions added by mods compatible with T3nd0's Skyrim Redone.

Permissions and credits
Reproccer Reborn
created by jdsmith2816
description by matortheeternal


This is a port of T3nd0's ReProccer - the automated SkyRe patch generator - to zEdit's Unified Patching Framework.  This ported patcher does everything the original ReProccer does to make armor, weapons, ammunition, and potions compatible with T3nd0's Skyrim Redone.

The reason both the original ReProccer and this port exists is to alleviate the need for hand-made compatibility patches for armor, weapon, ammunition, and potions added by mods.  The ReProccer also allows users to quickly adjust how weapons and armor are balanced by editing rules.

- What it does

Reproccer Reborn...
- Applies weapon type keywords to weapons based on names/custom rules
- Adjusts weapon stats based on material and weapon type
- Renames basic swords to "Broadsword"
- Renames bows to "Shortbow" or "Longbow" based on names and materials
- Creates SkyRe crossbow variants for mod-added crossbows.
- Creates "Refined Silver" variants of silver weapons, including crafting, tempering, and meltdown recipes.
- Adjusts speed, damage, and gravity of projectiles based on type and material
- Creates SkyRe ammunition variants for mod-added ammos
- Adjusts armor stats based on material and armor type
- Applies "light" and "heavy" keywords to shields based on material
- Renames shields based on whether they are "light" or "heavy"
- Sets a new cap for maximum armor protection and adjusts the armor protection algorithm
- Makes mod-added armor compatible with Skyrim Redone's "Masquerade" perk
- Adds vanilla armor material keywords to mod-added armor
- Adds crafting requirements to leather armor recipes
- Adds meltdown recipes for armor and weapons
- Adds material perk requirements to tempering recipes
- Makes ingredient and potion effects work over time
- Optionally normalize extreme values for patched ingredients

- Technical

The original ReProccer was built with SkyProc, a Java framework for creating dynamic patchers developed by Leviathan1753 from February 2012 to October 2013.  While there are some ways to use SkyProc with SSE, it's generally buggy, unstable, and will generate patches that can cause problems due to differences in the record definition format.  While this may change as developers work on SkyProc, official support by the initial developer ended several years ago.  This made using a different technical solution for automated patchers such as the ReProccer desireable.

Enter zEdit's Unified Patching Framework (UPF).  UPF is a JavaScript framework built off of zEdit, an application which provides an improved frontend and API for the xEdit codebase.  Reproccer Reborn was built off of UPF as a proof of concept that the framework can support the largest, most complicated SkyProc patchers.

Installation & Usage

- Requirements

  • zEdit - Download the latest portable release from GitHub and extract it to the folder where you store your modding tools. Note that zEdit has its own profile system, so you do not need multiple installations to manage multiple games.
  • T3nd0's Skyrim SE Redone - Reproccer Reborn was built for use with T3nd0's Skyrim SE Redone, but you can also use it with T3nd0's Skyrim Redone for Skyrim Classic.

- Soft Requirements

  • Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes - This mod contains, among other cool things, a set of aditional keywords; without it several pieces of armor will not be recognized correctly. 
  • No WACCF Patch - Can be found on T3nd0's Skyrim SE Redone page. It fixes unrecognizable armors problem in case you don't want to use 'Weapon Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes'.

- Installation

  1. Make sure you have all requirements downloaded and installed.
  2. Download Reproccer Reborn from this mod page.
  3. Extract the Reproccer Reborn archive into the "modules" folder in zEdit's installation folder.  The resulting file structure should be:
  4. <zEdit folder>\modules\reproccerReborn\index.js
    <zEdit folder>\modules\reproccerReborn\module.json
    <zEdit folder>\modules\reproccerReborn\settings.html
    <zEdit folder>\modules\reproccerReborn\data\*various JSON files*

- Running the Patcher

  1. Start zEdit via zEdit.exe.  If you're using Mod Organizer, add zEdit to MO as an executable and run it through MO.
  2. Select "Skyrim SE" or "Skyrim" from the dropdown in zEdit, then click "Start Session".
  3. Check/uncheck mods that should/should not be patched, or check everything if you're not sure.
    WARNING: Always uncheck ReProccer.esp if present. Previous version in patching process could lead to unexpected/unwanted results.
    Note: You must not have more than ~250 active plugin files in your load order, including ESLs. If you do you may need to merge plugins to stay below Skyrim SE's 253 plugin limit or zEdit's 255 module limit.  See the FAQ for more info.

    Click "OK" to load checked files into zEdit.
  5. Click on the puzzle piece icon to open the "Manage patchers" modal.
  6. Click on the "Build" button by ReProccer.esp or click the "Build All Patchers" button.


- Configurating Patcher

Like the original ReProccer, Reproccer Reborn allows you to disable individual parts of the patcher.

Weapons: Weapon stat adjustment, meltdown recipe generation, tempering recipe modification, refined silver weapon creation, crossbow variant generation, and association of mod-added weapons with SkyRe's perks.
Armor: Armor stat adjustment, meltdown recipe generation, armor cap/protection modification, and dreamcloth clothing variant generation.
Alchemy Ingredients: Makes alchemy ingredients work over time and optionally enforces upper and lower price limits for ingredients.
Projectiles: Creates variants and adjusts speed, gravity influence, reach, and damage.

To disable parts of the patcher:

  1. Open the manage patchers modal in zEdit.
  2. Go to the Reproccer Reborn settings tab.
  3. Click the checkbox by the part of the patcher you want to disable.
  4. Close the manage patchers modal to save your changes.

Unlike the original ReProccer, some more configurating is available. You can find additional options on weapon, armor, and alchemy patchers by clicking relevant button. Hover mouse pointer over question marks to see tooltips.

- Ignoring Mods

Like the original ReProccer, you can tell Reproccer Reborn to ignore specific plugin files. To do so:

  1. Open the manage patchers modal in zEdit.
  2. Go to the Reproccer Reborn settings tab.
  3. Expand the "Ignoring X Plugins" section.
  4. Click the red X to remove a plugin ignore entry or click the green Add button to add a new entry at the end of the list.  You can edit the plugin filename to ignore in the text box.
  5. Close the manage patchers modal to save your changes.

- Adding/Changing Rules

Similar to original ReProccer, you can customize how Reproccer Reborn patches items through editing rules files in a text editor.  However, there are some differences from the original Reproccer:

  • The Reproccer Reborn rules files can be found at:  <zEdit folder>\modules\reproccerReborn\data
  • The Reproccer Reborn rules files are JSON files, not XML files like the original ReProccer. JSON is similar to XML, but is less verbose and is a simpler data format. JSON is also easier to work with in JavaScript than XML.
  • The Reproccer Reborn allows for the creation of multiple rule files. The rules from each rule file are concatenated together in the order they are loaded. Rule files are loaded in the following order:
    1. first.json is loaded first (has all of the base rules for Skyrim Redone + the base game ESMs)
    2. *.json files are loaded based on your load order. E.g. if PluginB.esp is loaded after PluginA.esp, and you have both PluginA.json and PluginB.json files in the Reproccer Reborn data folder, PluginA.json will be loaded followed by PluginB.json.
    3. last.json is loaded last (this is where you should put your personal tweaks/overrides)

The overall structure and organization of the rules is the same as the original ReProccer, but some names have been shortened. More information may be provided at a later date.


If you run into a bug with the patcher/see something ingame that was patched wrong please create an issue on github or post in the comment section.  Please make sure that the bug you're seeing is caused by Reproccer.esp and isn't a part of the patcher's intended behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where should i place ReProccer.esp?
A: This file should be the last one in your load order, unless there are mods that stating they should be lower.

Q: I have some old SkyRe XML rules I was using in the past. Can I use those with Reproccer Reborn?
A: Yes, but you need to use the Reproccer XML Converter to convert it to the JSON format used by Reproccer Reborn.

Q: How did you make this patcher?
A: Magic! (actually ES6 JavaScript + zEdit + UPF)

Q: Was Jimmy harmed in the creation of this patcher?
A: No, we managed to create this patcher without sacrificing Jimmy.  :)

Q: How stable/reliable is Reproccer Reborn?
A: The patcher should give you fewer problems than the original Reproccer because it's built off of a totally different framework which uses the xEdit codebase under the hood (which is very reliable).  When used with Skyrim: Special Edition, Reproccer Reborn generates records in the proper form 44 format.  The only real concern with Reproccer Reborn right now is whether or not it correctly does everything the Reproccer does.  More user testing is necessary to find and squish issues.

Q: I have more than 255 plugins. How can i load this amount of mods to zEdit?
A: ReProccer patches only weapons, armor, ammunition and ingredients. There's no need to load plugins with no such records in zEdit.

Q: I don't know which mod contains what records. What can i do?
A: Use this little guide. It describes how to determine mods in your load list that are eligible for patching.

Thanks & Credits

- T3nd0: For all of his contributions to the modding community and for generally being an awesome guy.
- jdsmith2816: For making Reproccer Reborn.
- ingvion: For all of his ongoing maintenance and support work.  Thanks mate!
- Mator: For making and continuously improving zEdit and UPF, which serve as the backbone for Reproccer Reborn.  He also wrote this description and created the T3nd0-inspired comic strip.
- xEdit Developers: For maintaining the most reliable open source codebase for parsing and creating plugin files.


We have a Discord server, where you can report an issue, get help, suggest a feature or discuss this mod.