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Makes Ebongrove by Undriel a purchasable home, optionally removes items in the home.

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Ebongrove is an amazing house mod by Undriel, but the house can be obtained for free, and personally I like to earn things in my game.  Some guy in the mod's forum said if you don't like it, mod it yourself, so I did.

This mod removes the key from the urn in front of Ebongrove and gives it to Niranye in the Windhelm market, who will sell it to you.  The price of the key is set at 4000 gold, but varies depending on your speech skills (due to the fact that the key is sold as a misc item) and can be over 12000 gold if you have no Speechcraft.  There is also a note added to the front door of Ebongrove, stating that the home has been seized and that Niranye is handling it's purchase.

There is a second version of the patch which also removes several items from inside the home (for the real masochists).  It removes the Elven weapons on display, some weapons from containers, some soul gems, and some food here and there.

May conflict with any mod that edits the Niranye npc (I think The Ordinary Women might).

These are replacer esp's, so just overwrite the Undriel_Ebongrove.esp with my version.  Also install the Scripts folder which include DarkFox's script files.  Drop them in your Data folder or use your mod manager, just like any other mod.

Thanks to Undriel for the amazing Ebongrove house mod, which is a rework of his original Redoran Grove mod..

Thanks to that dude in his forum who inspired me to make this mod.

This mod uses the PM_Script_BuyKey script from DarkFox127's Project Modularity resource.  Want to make your favorite house mod buyable? Follow his guide here!: