Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A cozy cave with Teleport, Display, Storage and Crafting features.Teleport to 5 holds and back home anytime you want. Followers will be teleported with you.

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A warm player home located north of Raven Rock

Teleport to 5 cities and back home anytime.
Followers will be teleported too.

Study the Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing books.

Weapon plaques, two mannequins, storage containers and garden.

Your followers will interact with the environment if they are relaxing around.

The story

Long ago, Councilor Lleril Morvayn used his personal wealth to restore the Bulwark, which had been endangered by ash seeping through the cracks. This massive structure was designed by his predecessor, Brara Morvayn, to shield Raven Rock from the Red Mountain's ash storms. Lleril's efforts to protect the town, however, couldn't make up for the dying mine and the subsequent impoverishment of his people. The East Empire Company abandoned the island, and Raven Rock was regarded as insignificant among House Redoran's possessions. There was no way to restore contacts with the trading company, and one of Lleril's daughters, Vatya, started wondering about alternative ways to provide for the settlement. She retreated in a cave with her husband Ravys, and they worked in secret, until they succeded in creating a teleportation spell. Their alteration magic, however, only worked on people and small objects, and it was impossible to transport big shipments of supplies to Raven Rock. Vatya had to make dealings with the Telvanni in order to improve her craft, and she departed to seek further assistance. Meanwhile, Ravys Ienth used the teleportation spell to aid Raven Rock like he could, but greatly suffered his wife's absence. He travelled to Riften, and grew aspen saplings from the ash. He travelled to Whiterun, and bought the best crafting tools available. He travelled to Solitude, and commissioned all the furniture to make the cave as comfortable as possible... and there he lived, cherishing the moment his love would come back and see the marvel their home had become.
What happened to this hard-working couple? Venture north of Raven Rock and find out for yourself.

Besides reading Raven Rock's lore on UESP wiki here,
this is what inspired me to write this story: