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My personal combo of setting and mods that are changing gameplay to be more enjoyable and realistic.

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  • Chinese - Mandarin

My personal combo of setting and mods that are changing gameplay to be more enjoyable and realistic.
WARNING: My mod MUST BE in the bottom of load order!

Also change your Skyrim.ini for Archery!


New statistics for arrows and bolts: 

  • The detecting crime radius is reduced from 4000 to 800.
  • Mannequins will stay in place.
  • Make a skill legendary reset it to 30 instead of 15.
  • The detection and pursuit radius of the enemies is reduced from 2500 to 1250. 
  • Guards attack hired thug when they have attack you.
  • Falling damage are reduced
  • People don't say hello to you randomly. They continue to talking between them. The enemies continue they provocation.
  • Peoples moved at your own speed when they take you somewhere. And they don't stop each time they decided to talking.
  • Followers move further when you're hustling them. 

  • Illusion spells are non-hostile spells. Because how somebody can know that you are using the magic of illusion.
  • Paralysis and mass paralysis spells become illusion spell as they should always be. So they become non-hostile spell.
  • Magicka Regeneration while on combat has increased

  • Quest reward changed: 
Bandits have a value of 150 gold.
Forsworn have a value of 200 gold.
Giants have a value of 700 gold.
Dragons have a value of 2500 gold.
  • Changed value of money that you get from Dark Brotherhood Forever quest
  • Increased the value of all vanilla pelts and hides
  • Increase the value of the Troll Skull
  • Increase the value of the Mammoth Tusk
  • Increase the value of the Dibella Statue
  • Increase the value of the Sabrecat Tooth
  • Increase the value of the Horker Tusk
  • Increased the value of iron, gold and silver ingots
  • Increased the value of gold and silver ores
  • Increased the value of silver misc. items
  • Higher Bounties for Crimes by PatrickLerner (Different bounties in each hold)
  • Higher prices and lower sales
  • Merchants have more gold (Depending on the place and stuff that they sell around 100 septims to 5000 septims)
  • Room cost is now 40 gold
  • Horse cost is now 3000 gold
  • Surgery cost is now 10000 gold

New crime values:

Animals and creatures
  • Smelter increase smithing skill.
  • Tanning increase smithing skill.

  • Arrow Recovery chance has been increased to 50%
  • Increased daedric arrow cost and damage 
  • Proper Aiming by Arindel
  • Arrow damage changes
  • Arrow prices changes
  • Bolts damage changes
  • Bolts prices changes
  • Duration of arrows on bodies is now 3 minutes
  • The amount of arrows attached to bodies is now 25
  • Gravity and arrow speed stats from Archery by Vactrol

Music and Sounds:
  • Derkeethus stats tweaks and remove pickaxe from his inventory
  • Nazir now uses 2 scimitars also have appropriate perks
  • Erandur stats improvement, added spells and changed class
  • Thalmor Soldiers and Thalmor Wizard are stronger now
  • Max pickpocket chance increased to 95% (from 90%)
  • Captain Aldis now have a better weapon and perks
  • Ulfr the Blind is now truly blind