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Higher bounties for all crimes (eg. murder, assault, stealing stuff) compared to vanilla.

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I saw the Low Bounty mod here on the nexus and thought it would actually be nice to have the bounties be more expensive seeing as how 1000 gold for murder is pretty cheap, especially if you get the guild discount. Basically the DB quest come down to kill and pay off a small fee even with vanilla values.

So here it is for all those who want a bit more expensive penalties:

Default values now:

Murder: 10,000 gold (was 1,000 gold)
Assault: 100 gold (was 40 gold)
Pickpocket: 50 gold (was 25 gold)
Trespass: 10 gold (was 5 gold)
Steal Multiplier: 2x (was 0.5x)
Escape: 1,000 gold (was 100 gold)
Werewolf: 10,000 gold (was 1,000 gold)

NEW: Hold specific bounties as per zwstearns' suggestion.

Eastmarch (Windhelm):
In an effort to combat Imperial spies Jarl Ulfric has set higher bounties concerning trespassing, pickpocketing and stealing.

Pickpocket: 100 gold
Trespass: 100 gold
Steal Multiplier: 3x

Being a werewolf in the Falkreath region can be dangerous (just ask the guy in jail there), so don't get caught turning there.

Werewolf: 15,000 gold

Haafingar (Solitude):
In light of Ulfric's rebellion the Jarl imposed a zero-tolerance for violence regulation, so keep you temper in check while visiting.

Murder: 15,000 gold
Assault: 500 gold

Hjaalmarch (Morthal):
Due to recent events, Morthal now peruses to rid the region of any and all murderers.

Murder: 15,000 gold

The Pale (Dawnstar):
Dawnstar, being an industrious mining town wants to discourage the workers from skimming any of the material that is so vital to produce the weapons of this war. Thieves be aware.

Steal Multiplier: 4x

The Reach (Markarth):
To combat the recent surge of violence (and some say also to get more people for the mine to work in), penalties have recently been increased again in the hold.

Murder: 12,000 gold
Assault: 200 gold

The Rift (Riften):
Because of recent thief guild activity in the area, burglary and thievery of any kind will be persecuted more thoroughly in this region than in any other.

Pickpocket: 100 gold
Trespass: 100 gold
Steal Multiplier: 4x

Whiterun as the central trading hub of the city makes an easy target for cut-purses and thieves. To discourage this, stricter regulations are imposed.

Pickpocket: 100 gold
Steal Multiplier: 3x

Maybe to make the wizards of the college more careful, the penalties in regard to assault and murder have been increased.

Murder: 15,000 gold
Assault: 500 gold

If you want to edit the values yourself, just load the file in the creation kit and select ALL in the object window, then filter for "crimefaction" and there you can edit the setting for all the different factions (the relevant ones being the holds). Or if you ask for it, I might make a custom version for what you think is more sensible.

1.0 Initial release
1.1 Hold specific bounties