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Introduces an Imperial-based news system which updates throughout the quest lines.

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News in Skyrim is a strange combination of rumors, word of mouth, and magical knowledge of things that happened. This mod aims to change that in a lore-friendly manner by adding The Imperial Post, a "fair and balanced" news agency which sends quickly written editions to many of the inns and taverns in the province of Skyrim. But beware, due to the civil war, the deposit locations may be tainted with Stormcloak propaganda. Innkeepers can also be asked to add your name to the subscription list, wherein a courier will hand deliver new editions as they become available.


Chests have been added to several inns and taverns across Skyrim and Solstheim; they can be found at the bar.  Once per day (default 4am), the chests will be updated with editions relating to the player's actions, and may randomly include false editions with Stormcloak propaganda.

The player can optionally subscribe to the Imperial Post by speaking to the innkeeper at any inn or tavern. When subscribed, a courier will deliver new editions every four days. After the Unbound quest is completed, the courier will additionally deliver a reminder note of the Imperial Post subscription option if the player is not already subscribed. Stormcloak-friendly innkeepers will offer to subscribe the player to Stormcloak news.

Editions are intended to be relatively short with quick distribution/copying in mind, and have a distinct faction-friendly tone.


Dragonborn DLC


  1. Use your favorite mod manager (recommended).
  2. Manually drop the extracted archive to the Data folder to install. To uninstall, remove the same files.

Technical Notes

The hour at which chests are updated and the percentage for false editions are global variables. Further, the interval at which the courier is polled for new editions is also a set of global variables. xEdit can be used to modify those global variables to suit an individual game. The defaults are 4am, 45%, 1 day initially, and 4 days after subscription.


"Why not just use Black Horse Courier Reborn?"

While that mod is excellent, I have two reasons for writing a similar mod:

  1. Black Horse Courier Reborn has not yet been ported to Skyrim Special Edition.
  2. I wanted news to better reflect the civil war by manipulating the people's opinions rather than simply stating the news. This feels more realistic and immersive. While the Stormcloak side is clear propaganda and false information, the Imperial side is propaganda as well with more accurate information.

"Why isn't the chest in every inn?"

The chests were added to Imperial-friendly holds (at game start) and locations deemed far enough away from Stormcloak influence to risk having a chest or close enough to Imperial-friendly locations to justify having one as something of an olive branch. The locations don't change as the civil war quest lines are followed because I'm lazy. ;)

"The chest is empty!"

Chests should be populated on game start or game load after a few hours. However, the myriad ways a game can be started (ie. Alternate Start), as well as the cells in which a save can be loaded might cause trouble for the OnInit event. Simply wait for the next daily deposit and all should be well.