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Fastest arrows/bolts and real gravity, for sensations closer to a real bow, craftable Warbow - a longbow with more damage on par with the imperial bow.

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UPDATED! 29 may 2018 *

The purpose of this mod is not to give you the speed and flat trajectory of a gun bullet, but to approach the feel of a real bow.

Playing with real bows since a few years, arrow speed in Skyrim is disturbing, too slow. I use a recurve and a longbow with 45lb of drawing tension, for an average speed of 209fps. Hunting bow are an average of 60/70lb - for 230/260fps (depend ond arrow weight and spine).

I changed the projectile speed  from 3600 to 6500 and gravity from 0.35 (nearly lunar) to 0.981 (Earth).
All arrows are changed. You can use the test range with "cow ArcheryTestRange 0, -1"
All tests made with real bows  and test range in game are rigorously and scientifically totally INACCURATE!

I will be happy to tune this mod if someone with a good archery knowledge have better ideas.

The crossbow bolts are faster. But have a worst flight at long range.... like for real. The original bolts were flying straight, ignoring the Newton law. If you play a Wilhelm Tell, be prepared to be a little disapointed: At short range (10/25m), the bolt is a little upper compared to an arrow, but a little lower at long range (75/100m).

Difference between v.2.4 and v.2.5:
Arrow speed is 6500 in v.2.4  - but only 5553 in v.2.5
The v.2.5 version is definitely closer to the real thing, and force you to aim higher at long range. Shooting at an estimated distance of 60 meter is now more challenging. You can clearly see the trajectory in shape of a bell.
Bolts speed are the same.

For fantasy feeling, download the v.2.4
For a more realistic hunt, download the v.2.5

Only download one version. With Mod Organizer, the two version can be downloaded, just don't forget to install them with different name (only activate one on the left panel - the .esp share the same name - because of lazy me).

Big thank you to antcodd for his help on Cell length! I finally found the right setup.


* My ugly texture is now only on the War Bow, no longer on all longbow
- Gravity now at 0,981. Aim higher for long ranges.
- Arrows are faster (5553)
- Crossbow Bolts now obey to Newton's law on gravity and are faster (8100).
- A new bow to craft, on a longbow basis: the Warbow, damages lightly enhanced
- Gamepad vibration added on War Bow.
- A new arrow recipe under Steel category: the War Arrow, slightly faster (5653) and more stagger

First version was made counting paces in game. I do 17 pace to go at the target in my garden - 14 meter. It is NO GOOD in game!!!! I used a new empirical unit: the Bed (B). As a Bed is roughly 2,2 meters, measuring the Cells in Creation Kit became easy. Estimated size of a Cell: 50 meter. 58 meter.

I placed targets and tuned projectile speed at 6500, gravity at 0,981. Arrows where very loud, all of them are now silent (but ennemies will hear the impact, not a big difference). Tweaked down speed for v.2.5

To try the Test range, just type in the console: cow ArcheryTestRange 0, -1. The distance written in the book are no longer accurate!

By the way, added two .dds files, the flemish string for the longbow.  I'm not a good graphist - they were made from pictures of my longbow. They should appear when you see or use this bow. If you no longer see the longbow, it's my fault.

Thank you all for your interest.

At the bottom, after all mod changing weapons/arrow


MOD required:

MOD's must be:
Better Shaped Longbow
Hunterborn/Scrimshaw - No functionnal patch. Edited Projectile don't overwrite original Mod!!!! Must edit Projectile speed in SSEdit, then save. Backup the original .esp before. Annoying as it's one of my favorite mods.

Mods used on the video (some):

Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE
Apachii Hair and Divine Elegance Store