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This mod deals with some Serana bugs, including the infamous stuck in sneak-mode bug. Not only that, given her lack of compatibility with most follower frameworks, this mod seeks to replicate some of their best features and tailor them exclusively to Serana. Can be used during Dawnguard questline and should be compatible with most follower mods.

Permissions and credits

From all available vanilla followers, I have always found Serana to be the most interesting one. That said, I frequently find myself unable to fully enjoy Serana as a companion due either to her many bugs or to her lack of compatibility with follower managing mods in general. If you feel the same way, this mod might be the solution you were waiting for. 

In a nutshell, this mod tries to bring much needed fixes as well as replicate some useful functions and features from mods like AFT, MHYH and others - a kind of follower framework fully tailored to Serana, compatible with her quests from the very start as well as with other popular, must-have Serana improvement mods.

While I find Serana to be more than enough as a companion, I know some of you prefer to have other followers around as well. With that in mind, this mod is meant to work in parallel with other follower manager framework mods (e.g., AFT, EFF etc.). That means you can have both installed at the same time, HOWEVER, when it comes to managing Serana, they are mutually exclusive! In other words, while you can use other follower frameworks for all your other followers, Serana herself should be managed EXCLUSEVELY by this mod!

Latest Updates and Changes
For older entries, please check the Changelog tab. 

- Tied mod to SDE's relationship system. Now certain dialogue choices should impact your relationship level, or only unlock depending on that level;
- integrated home-setting system to SDE (now relationship level dynamically increases when asking to live together). 
- Implemented basic Synergy system (time spent in combat with Serana will count towards Player skill points. Will be expanded in the future!);
- Dealt with the missing items from inventory problem (SetOutfit() function would bug out with certain clothing items, making them disappear. As a workaround, all clothing/armour items will be stored in an invisible container when entering PlayerHome cells, and returned on exit);
- Fixed home-setting marker Property not being properly set. Serana should now live in whatever PlayerHome cell you choose; 
- Changed 'Home' keyword to 'PlayerHome', so relax behaviour and home outfit function only kick in when in Player houses.

- Developed a functional trap waiting framework. Serana should now wait as Player disables traps (akin to Frea's behaviour in Miraak Temple. Stops Serana being shredded to pieces while Player circumvents traps. Progressive feature, i.e. each trap has to be detected and added manually);
- trap-waiting behaviour added to whirling blade trap in The Temple of Miraak quest (DLC2MQ02);
- added DLC2Nchardak03 cell (The Path of Knowledge [DLC2MQ04], whirling blade trap).
- Developed a dismissal template for use in quests where Player is supposed to be unaccompanied. Progressive feature, i.e. each mission has to be detected and added manually. Added Apocrypha;

- Updated optional no hood file accordingly.



1. What does this mod do?


  • makes sure Serana unequips hood if cured;

  • unequips hood during night time (now, between 19:00PM and 05:00AM, Serana removes her hood when outdoors);

  • equips hood even if not wearing default vampire outfit
In original game, if player gave her any other outfit to wear, the hood would never be equipped. I guess for some players the original functionality would be preferred, as the hood doesn't always go well with every piece of armour. If there's great demand, however, I can always upload a version without this "fix". 

  • change follow distance through dialogue options:
While mods like AFT and UFO enables tweaking it, as I decided to scrap them due to incompatibilities with Serana, I had to implement my own system. Player can now choose between 3 follow distances, all set via dialogue ("close', "normal"(default) and "far"). 

  • unfreezes Serana from crouching position:
Apparently, a common bug with "special" followers like Serana and Cicero, where after combat, there is a chance they will be locked in crouched position. For me, the only solution would be to disable and re-enable Serana through console commands, which gets pretty tiresome and annoying after a while. While I have not fixed the underlying problem, I have finally made it so that the game detects when it happens and automatically disables/enables her by script.

  • automatic relax behaviour when in 'PlayerHome'-tagged cells:
Her relax behaviour package will kick in whenever player is in a PlayerHome-tagged cell.

Known bugs
: 1. sometimes the AI package does not kick in and Serana simply stands there. It does not happen that often, however, and exiting the cell and entering again usually solves the issue. If not, after 60 seconds her package should be updated and she'll start sandboxing again anyways. 2. while not exactly a bug, Serana may eat while relaxing, which I guess would not be very immersive or lore-friendly (to be fixed soon). 3. on rare occasions (so far only happened to me once in weeks of testing), the game may glitch and keep Serana on a "relaxed" state even when outside. The fix is simple: simply go back in and out again. 

  • possibility of assigning different home locations:
Player has the ability to set different home locations for Serana (Castle Volkihar, Dawnguard HQ, or current PlayerHome-tagged cell player is in). If dismissed by player, she waits for them in the chosen location. To avoid possible conflicts, this option is only available after finishing Dawnguard.

  • Serana teleported to player location on weapon draw:
A sorely missed feature from my times using AFT. Followers in general can have a hard time following the player, having to calculate the best navigation path and more often than not getting stuck somewhere. So it is unsurprising that when rushing through the map, we look back and find that the follower is nowhere to be seen. While it doesn't solve the issue, this feature enables Serana to be teleported to player on weapon draw (if distance between player and Serana is > 3000 units and she is not currently in combat). 

Known bugs: 1. if Serana is sent flying up in the air after being hit by a giant (as sometimes happens), teleporting her to you before she falls down will cause a position animation bug - she will be stuck in a "fallen" position, being necessary a Disable/Enable console command on her. 2. Serana is teleported to Player even in lone-wolf quests, which can be immersion breaking. This issue is being worked on, but has to be dealt with in case-by-case basis. Check changelog to see in which quests this is no longer an issue. 

  • possibility of setting outfits for use in Player home:
Enables the player to set an outfit for Serana to use while in cells tagged 'PlayerHome'. Should not cause any problems with other outfit management mods (I, for one, use the excellent mod "Simple NPC Outfit Manager", by confusedchim and they work together great). If set while in home cell, changes will only show up once you exit and enter it again. 

Known bugs:1. Some pieces of "outdoors"/default armour sometimes are not unequipped when entering home. Although for me it happens very rarely, simply going out and back in again usually fixes the problem (basically dealt with in v1.1.2).

  • implementation of Synergy system:
Time spent in combat together now counts towards Player earning skill points. The greater your relationship level, the the more xp you get in a shorter time. Don't worry, it is quite a balanced feature. SDE's relationship levels go from -200 to 200. At level 0, every 5 full minutes of combat should entitle you to gain 10xp in a single random skill (Alchemy, Conjuration, Destruction, OneHanded or LightArmour). At maximum level (200), every 5 minutes of combat should entitle you to gain 1.5 random skills (so, 10 minutes of combat will give you 3 skill gains), increasing 15xp for each. 

Known bugs: for now, the code simply checks if Serana is in combat. There are no Player in combat or distance checks for now (but will be added later on). That means that even if Player is not in combat, but Serana is, irrespective of Serana's distance to Player, xp will still be gained. 

  • SDE integration:
Some features of this mod will be tied to SDE's relationship system, where it makes sense. That is to say, some dialogue options will be locked/unlocked depending on your relationship status, as well as themselves affecting that status. Makes for a much more organic and personal playthrough. 

  • trap avoidance behavior:
Serana should now wait while Player disables traps, in the same fashion as Frea when in Miraak Temple. No more Serana running to her death while going after the Player. This is a progressive feature, in the sense that this behaviour has to be added in a trap-by-trap basis as it requires manually adding triggers and markers. Check changelog to keep track of places/traps added. 

  • calibrated Close and Normal follow distances:
Original issue that got me started with this mod. I always found that followers in general stay too far back while following. Ingame, Serana already uses follow distance packages exclusive to her, and I only had to edit those. I reduced the "Close" and "Normal" following radius as I felt that the default values kept Serana way too far back.

  • adds Serana to CurrentFollowerFaction when recruited:
Necessary condition for mods like "AutoRecharge Weapons" to work. I did not encounter any problems ingame from having this tweak.

*This mod was developed having in mind my particular game experience and playstyle: in other words, some changes may be unpopular or dislike by some. This is also my very first mod. Although not completely new to the art of programming, I had no prior knowledge of Papyrus and had never even messed with CK until some months ago. In truth, it wasn't even supposed to be released at all! But the scope expanded way more than I initially imagined, and I think I now have something which is worthy enough to be shared with you guys. It may be prone to bugs and I cannot guarantee it will be fully compatible with every mod and configuration out there! However, it has been relatively well tested by me and I am yet to experience any major or game-breaking bugs or incompatibilities.

2. Mod Requirements

Requires SKSE and Serana Dialogue Edit. No other mods required for now. Requires all expansions. 

3. Installation, Load Order and Compatibility

This mod is for Special Edition only! Install as you would any other mod, no especial methods needed. Make sure the plugin is enabled once installed. Regarding load order, load it after SDE and before mods that change Serana's appearance. 

It should be compatible with most mods, as long as they don't make changes to DLC1NPCMonitoringPlayerScript and DLC1_NPCMentalModelScript (from what I have seen, mostly mods that change Serana's hood behaviour). Mods that change the default follow distance packages will revert our distance tweaks. As of version v1.2.0, his mod makes some changes to specific locations, due to the trap avoidance behaviour (see changelog). Any mods that also make changes to those locations are bound to conflict with it. To be sure, load it as far down the plugin list as possible. 

What about other follower management frameworks? Are they compatible? Yes and no. You can have both SIF and whatever other framework of choice (NFF, AFT, UFO etc.) installed together, AS LONG AS you make sure Serana is managed EXCLUSIVELY by SIF. She should not be used in other frameworks if you use mine! In other words, use your framework of choice for managing other followers, but only SIF for managing Serana. Respecting this configuration, there should be no problems.

If any conflicts arise (which I guess are bound to happen), please let me know! I will gladly try to solve them.

4. Recommended Mods

For all the Seranaholics out there, these are the mods I use to maximize my Serana experience:


5. Future Plans

Due to real life responsibilities, I've found myself with less-than-optimal levels of free time available to dedicate to Skyrim in general, and to modding in particular. For now, v1.2.0 will be the last feature-heavy update to be released. From now on, bugfixes, tweaks and minor features will be my priority (as well as supplementing those features of a progressive nature, e.g. expanding the list of quests where teleportation should be disabled, adding more traps where her wait behaviour should trigger, and tying everything to SDE's affinity system). Fret not though! The mod will still progress, only at a (even) slower pace. 

6. Credits

To all the modders and experts out there, not just in the Nexus community but also others ( specially springs to mind). While I've never contacted any of them directly, their willingness and patience in helping others and their incredibly detailed and savvy answers aided me immensely in progressing along with this project (a shoutout to IsharaMeradin, in particular). Truly unsung heroes!
Also, a shoutout to rxkx22 for Seranaholic, mod which I use in the screenshot above, and to ThatGuyYeah for the excellent Serena Dialogue Edit mod.