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This is a guide to make skyrim combat much more fun and realistic

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This is a guide to make skyrim combat much more fun and realistic, no enemies too strong or too weak.
 In skyrim vanilla the player is too strong, an example is the one-handed skill weapon, he generates a 100% improvement more by unlocking all the perks, it is when he reaches level 100 another 50% is added, not counting the possibility improving weapons to the forge is to use enchantments and potions to become even stronger.
downloaded and installed
1) FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts - FISSES (
2) Simply Balanced (
3) Fores New Idles in Skyrim SE - FNIS SE (
4) Ultimate Combat SE (
5) TK Dodge SE (
6) Ultimate Dragons SE (
7) Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim (
8) Download and install my mod :)


Be very careful when installing the mods to follow their requirements and what they need to work
I used Simply Balanced to rebalance the skyrim skills that make our character too strong compared to the NPCs, 
Ultimate Combat and Wildcat to make the fight more realistic and varied
and the Ultimate Dragon to make dragons more difficult to defeat.
the mod was designed to work with the Vanilla Perk 

in the future I plan to create a Hardcore version.
Once my preset for Simply Blanced mod is downloaded and installed, load the files in skyrim by going to the configuration menu of the mod

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