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Come visit Northpoint, a winter wonderland, filled with snow, plague, and mystery. This mod adds a new world space, town, dungeons, creatures, items, and much more.

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Oldrim Version

This mod allows you to explore Northpoint, the northern barony of High Rock located on the northern coast of Rivenspire. Northpoint is a winter wonderland, filled with snow, plague, and mystery.

- 1 new world space to explore; Northpoint.
- 4 unique regions with weather systems.
- 1 large town with inn, blacksmith, general store, and alchemist.
- 13 new dungeons.
- 4 new creatures; Grahl, Deadly Grahl, Sheep, Wereboar.
- Numerous smaller locations.
- 1 new weapon set; Bannerman.
- 3 new armour pieces; Bannerman Heavy Helm, Bannerman Light Armor, Bannerman Mail Armor.
- 5 collectable shields.
- New ingredients, books, notes, and misc items.

To start your exploring, travel to 'Northpoint Landing' due west of Dawnstar (map reference). There you will find the 'Northpoint Sea Charts' and a small boat. Be sure to pick up the charts to enable usage of the boat. After arriving at Northpoint the rest is up to you, go explore!

Place Northpoint.esp, Northpoint - Textures.bsa, and Northpoint.bsa in your "Skyrim/data" folder. Activate the mod through a mod manager of your choice, or alternatively through the Skyrim splash screen.

1. Deactivate Northpoint through your mod manager/Skyrim splash screen.
2. Navigate to your Skyrim/data folder.
3. Delete Northpoint.esp, Northpoint - Textures.bsa, and Northpoint.bsa.

Northpoint only edits one vanilla cell - POINorthernCoast14 - adding the tiny Northpoint Landing location. So it's compatible with most mods.

None, currently. If you discover something amiss, please contact me and let me know.

RJHelms84: Meshes and collisions.
Kaelin: Creature models, including Condor, Wereboar, male & female Grahl, Sheep, and Ram.
lifestorock: Creature rigging.
jonwd7: Whiterun Walls Collision Resources
Chesko: Book Pile Resource
Oaristys & Tony67: Modder's Resource Pack
Runspect: Resources for modders
TESAlliance: Skyrim Resource Kit
Insanity Sorrow: Free Resource Packs
defunkt: Alt Scaled Armours, plain Dawnguard Heavy Helm, and single-bitted steel battleaxe mods.
FranklinZunge: Jarl clothes.

Q & A
Q: How do I get to Northpoint?
A: Travel to Northpoint Landing, pick up the Northpoint Sea Charts and then activate the rowboat.

Q: How do I get back to Skyrim?
A: Activate the rowboat located at Northpoint Docks.

Q: Where are all the quests?
A: There aren't any! It's a pure exploration experience. Although, the dungeons and settlements are set up with Skyrim's keywords system, so it's *possible* a radiant quest might send you here.

Q: Is this the same mod that was announced several years ago?
A: Yes.

Q: So this has been in development for several years?
A: No, it was abandoned. Thanks to nexus user Andrew21022, I felt inspired to resurrect it and get it presentable. A lot of hard work went into this back in the day, particularly Kaelin's awesome work creating the new creatures, and it's not right that it just sat collecting dust.

Q: Why have you only listed manual installation/uninstallation?
A: I'm a relic and never adapted or learned how to use Vortex!

Q: Is this mod finished?
A: Yes, 1.0.0 is full release. Though patches may be released if issues are found.

If you have a query, please get in touch.