About this mod

Compilation of warmer replacers for many vanilla clothes and armors

Permissions and credits

Have you ever wondered why people are walking around cold and snowy Skyrim in apparel suitable only for much warmer climate?
Well, wonder no more, because Comprehensive Sleeves Pack will take care
of this!
I have gathered different mods with open permissions into single master compilation, that will replace most clothes and armors
in-game with warmer ones.

- 100% standalone and compatible
- all light armors now have warm and simple sleeves
(and no freaky goat helmet on the scaled armor!)
- all heavy armors now have strong chainmail sleeves
(I prefer to think of something like this beneath cuirass instead of full chainmail)
- Dawnguard red male armor now has sleeves (female version already had them)
- Prisoner/Beggar clothes are now suitable for a harsh winter (well, kind of...)
- Sleeveless male farmer outfits (3 types) were replaced with warmer clothes

Not featured:
- Falmer armors
- Female version of Saviour Hide Armor
- Executioner Armor

Other great mods. Install them after CSP unless other is specified
- Practical Female Armors (Install it before this mod!)
- Perfect Legionnaire
- Heavy Legion
- Guards Armor Replacer
- Cuir Bouilli Leather Armor (Classic only, can be converted)

Q: Some of the female clothes still look somewhat revealing.
A: They are usually worn by tavern wenches, so I think it's fine that they
want to give those customers at least something to stare at.
You can also try Skyrim Modesty Mod. Just install it before Comprehensive Sleeves Pack.

Q: Do I need to install Brigandage or any other mod to get this working?
A: No. This mod is completely standalone.

Q: Can I use Brigandage with it?
A: Yes, you can. Install the patch to avoid seeing duplicates. Also try Common Clothes from the same author.

Q: Some of the outfits are exploding.
A: Move Comprehensive Sleeves Pack.esp to the end of the load order. Redownload file from here and overwrite if asked.

Q: WIll this work with my favorite retextures?
A: Sure!

Q: I have suggestions or critique.
A: You are welcome, but please remember that I don't have skills to do
anything with textures or 3d models. I can only use what other people
have done and given permissions to the community.

Q: I want to make my own version of your compilation.
A: All outfits in the main files are published with open permissions as
for September 2017, so you can do whatever you want as long as this is
Nexus-only and you give credits to the original creators.

Full list of armors and credits is included in the README (outdated).
Short credits:
Wolf Knight Armor by Faelrin
Jarls Clothes Replacer by Frank Zunge
Semper Fi - An Imperial Armor Mod by Rogue1024, contains meshes by rahman530 and hothtrooper44 used with permission

Imperial Warm Armors by gezegond
Forsworn Armor Redux by Kredans
Common Clothes by Franklin Zunge
Brigandage by Franklin Zunge
Scale and Fur by Franklin Zunge
Iron Armor variant with sleeves and chainmail by defunkt
Banded Iron with Sleeves by Franklin Zunge
Steel Armor with Sleeves by Franklin Zunge
Jehennian Leather Cuirass by Franklin Zunge
Morrowind Armor Compilation by Teh-Husky
Elven Dragonbone Light Armor Set by lautasantenni
Skyrim Peasant Fashion by PaulImposteur
Nordic Wanderer Equipment by Billyro
Practical Female Armors by JZBai

Helmets and Shields patch:
Helmet variants - horns and wings removed - Iron and Steel Plate by defunkt
Stalhrim Helmet Replacer by Arcticia
Shields Of Skyrim by Delincious