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A replacer for the Forsworn Armor

Permissions and credits
*On Hiatus until University graduation ~December*

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Thank you to everyone for this dream come true!


Files to choose from
Forsworn Replacer: Replaces all the in game forsworn armor with this set
Forsworn Replacer .esp: Same as above but provides compatibility with other mods
Forsworn Non-replacer patch: Add this set into the leveled lists to mix and match with the vanilla forsworn armor (only the .esp to copy over one of the main files)
Forsworn Armor Redux CBBE: Adds a bodyslide preset for CBBE compatibility and editing

The armor can be tempered and comes with the optional file of 4K textures with 2K being the standard from the main files.

Known issues to be resolved
-Hair and scalp clipping through the helmet sometimes depending on hair type and weight


1. Install through Nexus Mod Manager or extract into the Skyrim data Directory


1. Delete the files/folders/.esp associated with the mod


Thanks to Bethesda and LeckerHamster for his awesome tutorials!

Tools Used:

Nifscope rc4
Photoshop CS6
Crazy Bump
Cinema 4D
3ds Studio Max
So Much Morpher Plugin
Fallout 3 Archive Utility
DDS Nvidia Photoshop plugin


You may use this for other purposes as long as you ask for my permission first

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