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Works with any Mesh replacers for Vanilla as long as the texture files line up.
Adds numerous recolors to the games leveled lists (Or not) ranging from farm clothes to barkeeper clothing, adding a total of 40 clothes to the game which should be worn by most NPCs (Dead as well) and lootable by chests.

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First Person now Fixed in Version 1.3!

I apologize that the updating has been nearly constantly lately, I know it's hard to keep up to date. Due to this, with the next versions I will have the ESPs seperated from the BSA for easier download in case of bug fixes. While some of these updates are bug fixes. I try to always include at least one new piece of virtual content(an outfit) per a fix, to make the updating slightly more bearable. Thanks for supporting my mod!

Please comment, and endorse. It is much more encouraging than most would think. Thank you for downloading this mod, and I hope the immersion it brings makes Skyrim a more varied place!

Variation is the spice of life.

This now supports mesh replacement, so you CAN use Body Slide or other vanilla clothing Mesh replacers!

This mods adds 25 new clothing pieces, which are put into the leveled lists for citizens. It also changes some of those level lists forcing the clothes into the inventories of NPCs whom aren't Nobles. Every time you start a new game, you will find NPCs in different outfits due to this.

These clothes were recolored in mind to be lore friendly, while there are blues, greens, and reds incorporated into the pieces, they are not vibrant and the clothes still look worn. This mod works great with mods that add random NPCs to bars, and cities, as it adds a large variation to the clothes so everyone no longer looks exactly the same.

Mods I recommend to go along with this one;
LIAT - Lively Inns And Taverns by Demidekidasu
Randomly-Generated Generic Townsfolk by Captain Lhurgoyf

8/17/2013- Have finally fixed the First person issues, after learning how! However, I was not able to release the open shirt skin, shown in the first picture, due to my computer breaking down and losing all my PDN files which I used for editing these varied clothes. I will soon continue to work on more, and plan on going into some armors eventually.

4/23/2013- Added two new outfits which were retextured in numerous ways to have a more "Clean" and original look to allow for even more variation.

4/22/2013- Now supports numerous amounts of meshes. Reworked entire ESP, and updated BSA, so the file is dramatically smaller since you no longer need to install any meshes for this mod to function.

4/21/2013- Added Eight new textures and also added them to the list to draw from. Now this will add even more variety to your peasant pleasantries. Also fixed a issue with a mesh not being detected due to miss-naming. I apologize for not realizing months ago. Which is the reason I created a few new pieces for enjoyment. Also I included some Paint.Net files for recoloring in the BSA file. Feel free to ignore them within it. I am aware they take up unnecessary space. However it allows me for easy access for future modding on this little side project.

1/14/2013- No longer support two texture sizes. Only support level list ESP. Desaturated colors adding a little bit more to the atmosphere, and making it easier for immersion.

12/2/2012 - Fixed Mesh problem causing the Brown Vest to appear Purple due to a an odd ball problem

Adds numerous recolors to the games leveled lists (Or not) ranging from farm clothes to barkeeper clothing, adding a total of 40 clothes to the game which should be worn by some NPCs (Dead as well) and lootable by chests.

Special thanks to Bethesda

Expand clothing by recoloring fine clothing
Add more recolors to Farm clothes (Want a total of 7 in each set)
Maybe do complete retextures of them, followed by multiple recolors