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Craft an Iron Armor variant with sleeves and mail. Both genders supported. Weight slider works. As for stats, a little better than the original but still weaker than Banded Iron.

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With this mod you can craft a slightly stronger Iron Armor variant with an undershirt and a mail byrnie.
My high elf now feels more comfortable wearing iron armor in Skyrim's climate, yay!

Standalone craftable. Stats are better than the original sleeveless variant but weaker than Banded Iron.

Works with retextures like aMidianBorn and Hvergelmirs !

Place the 'Meshes' and 'Textures' folders inside the game's DATA directory.
Also, if using a version with an .ESP file, place it inside the DATA folder and then enable the mod in the launcher or use a mod manager.

Credit & thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and its assets.

Also a special thanks to Nightasy for his amazing Skyrim themed 3d modeling video tutorials !