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Helmet variants without decorations. Iron Helmet & Steel Plate thus far. Options for replacing or having both, altered and originals, in the game.

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It has been bugging me that some helmets don't have practical variants without decorations. (The regular steel helm without horns is a nice exception though.)
Finally, with some free time in my hands recently, I decided to tackle 3d modeling. And I actually managed to succeed, yay!

Gender and race variations that were supported in Bethesda's original models are also implemented in my modifications.

There are three installation options to choose from for each Iron & Steel Plate. The files tab should have adequate details to help decide which one to choose.

Place the 'Meshes' and 'Textures' folders inside the game's DATA folder, overwrite if necessary.
Also, if using a version with an .ESP file, place it inside the DATA folder and then enable the mod in the launcher or use a mod manager.

Additional information, you might want to know about
Unfortunately, the modified Iron Helmet doesn't play well with retextures (like aMidianBorn or Hvergelmirs) because typically the space under the horns isn't textured. I had to retexture those areas on the vanilla texture files (clone stamp tool lol) myself.

My Steel Plate Helmet modification behaves much better compared to the Iron helm. Even if you don't use the modified vanilla textures provided, it might look acceptable for you. If you don't use my modified normal map texture, you will see some weird shadowing. Some probably won't notice it, others might.

Credit & thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and its assets.

Also a special thanks to Nightasy for his amazing Skyrim themed 3d modeling video tutorials !