Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

- 4 Armor Sets x 2 tiers
- 3 new weapons x 2 tiers
- Male and female supported
- All races supported
- Weight slider support
- Unique world models.

Permissions and credits
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Please not I could not get the bow working for the Special edition :(
Firstly a HUGE THANK YOU to Arynn and enpremi for letting me use some of their assets. Without these this mod might never have happened. Please take the time to look at the credits section for the full list and details. It would be greatly appreciated. Also thank you everyone for your support and constructive criticism. Your input has helped me strive to improve and reach closer to my potential. So thank you and enjoy this and the many other of my mods to come.

This tier, for middle to low level characters requires the elven smithing perk to craft. The armor has slightly better stats than elven armor.

This tier, for high level characters requires the glass smithing perk to craft.
The stats are about the same as Ebony but are still light armor.

The weapons added in this mod also work in 2 tiers but they are not split into the 4 different colours as they work alongside any armor preference.
Since elves are so renowned for their archery I have given a slight buff to the bows and arrows. The bows have an increased draw speed so pulling off those combos are faster and more satisfying. To me the vanilla arrows have always felt slow and sluggish so I have increased the speed of the Noldor arrows.

Tier 1: These weapons are slightly better than elven weapons and can be crafted with the elven smithing perk.

Tier 2: These weapons are slightly better than ebony weapons and can be crafted with the glass smithing perk.

There are 2 capes available, both can be crafted with the elven smithing perk and work with all armors included in this mod.
If you are not a smithing type character it is possible to find items randomly as loot when you reach a high enough level. Since this mod adds quite a few items I decided to restrict the loot to one armor type, the bronze Elder and Royal Elder armors. This will mean the items will be rarer and all the items you find will match up colour wise. The capes and all the weapons can also be found as random loot.

Installation is very simple. Just make sure that the .esp file is inside the Data folder. The Meshes folder should be merged with the Data meshes folder and the texture folder should be merged with the Data texture folder.

Please go give these contributors some Kudos and check out and endorse their amazing mods as without their help this mod might not have come to completion.
- Firstly a huge thank you to [size=4pt]Arynn[/size] for allowing me to use his amazing chest/vest mesh as a base starting point for my armor. Without this asset it would have taken me a great amount of time to get the look I wanted and I may have even ditched the project all together.
Oblivion mod profile
Skyrim mod profile

 - Secondly a big thank you to [size=4pt]enpremi[/size] for letting me use his bow, arrows and greatsword meshes and some base textures.
Check out Enpremis Galadhrim Gear which goes very well with this. Skyrim mod profile

- Lastly thank you to all those that have supported me, given me ideas and support etc.
Especially NWaldinger who has helped keep me on track and motivated. Thanks :)

YOU CAN NOT USE ANY OF MY CONTENT  IN ANY PAID MOD! Otherwise you have permission to use these assets how ever you wish within skyrim. Just please clearly credit me and those I credited.
Feel free to contact me on my mod facebook page

If you are looking for a more elder scrolls lore friendly armor set check out my Bosmer armor pack.