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Hold on to your hats, we're going to Solstheim.

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This is the third mod in my NPC overhaul series and this time we're giving the Solstheim residents a makeover!

This mod covers a total of 40 NPCs from the Dragonborn DLC, both male and female. I have kept it lightweight by having the NPCs use the skin and body mods you have installed, I've also left the NPC weights untouched for increased compatiblity with other mods. The skin textures you have installed will drastically change the looks of any NPC, so they might not look the same in your game as in my screenshots. In my images I used bijin skin for females, and vitruvia for males.
Several of the NPCs come with additional face paint/tattoo options, the default options are what you see in the images above.


This mod is technically incompatible with any mod that edits the same NPCs, but most NPC overhauls play nicely together out of the box. Just like with my previous replacer mods, I have avoided any NPCs covered by the Bijin series so that they could be used together without issues. I haven't tried myself yet, but this mod should be perfectly fine to merge with other non-conflicting mods if you want to save a plugin slot.

The mod comes in a FOMOD installer so I highly recommend installing this with a mod manager of your choice. If you want to install it manually, extract the contents of the "00 data" folder to your Data folder. Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch is required for the USLEEP version.

Q: Are the outfits included?
A: No, they are not - all this mod does is change the NPCs from the neck up. 

Q: Help, the faces are messed up/the heads are bald!
A: Rearrange your load order, put this mod near the bottom, or reinstall. Take a look at your load order to see if any of your other mods might be incompatible with this one. Feel free to ask for help in the comments, but please save us both some time and do some troubleshooting on your own first!

Q: Can you add/change/remove something?
A: Not unless there is an actual problem with my mod. This is my vision and I'm happy with it. I will absolutely not make any special versions for strangers on the internet. 

Q: Why didn't you do this NPC?
A: Short answer; I didn't feel like it. Long answer; I usually have a clear image in my head of how I think each character should look, often based on their personality, original appearance or an idea. However, there were some characters that I simply didn't have a vision for, and I'd rather not force it and make something that doesn't feel quite right. Also, sometimes I really like another mod's version of an NPC so I won't bother trying to make my own.

Q: Can I request an NPC?
A: Not this time. There aren't any more Dragonborn NPCs that I want to make at the moment, but perhaps the remaining NPCs will show up in a future mod.

Q: The ladies look too pretty! It looks like they have been at the salon! THERE IS A CIVIL WAR, WHY DO THEY HAVE MAKEUP AND NICE HAIR?!
A: I decided to address this since I have seen a lot of people say this about my mods - not directly to me on my mod pages, but in youtube comment sections and similar places. Here is the thing. Yes, there is a civil war - but for most characters in Skyrim, life goes on as normal. Being poor or at war doesn't automatically mean everyone will be dirty and haggard! Makeup and intricate hairstyles have had a constant presence throughout history, even in times of war. It exudes power, wealth, and strength. You can find plenty of information on that online, but here and here are videos showing examples of historical viking hairstyles. 

Full NPC list with names and IDs here.

RaceMenu by expired
KS Hairdos Renewal by kalilies, stealthic khaos & shocky
Kalilies Hair by kalilies
Battle Hardened Warpaints by diethardt
Female Makeup Suite by domainwolf
Skin Feature Overlays by domainwolf
Vanilla Warpaints Absolution by domainwolf
Vanilla Makeup HD by domainwolf
Weathered Nordic Bodypaint by domainwolf
Immersive Warpaints and Tattoos by reptileye
Northborn Scars by northborn
Maevan2's Eye Brows by maevan2
Brows by hvergelmir
Beards by hvergelmir
SV Beards by shadowtigers
Bald Head by dark 1402
Eyes of Beauty by lograam
Natural Eyes by nevenbridge
Bijin Skin by rxkx22
Vitruvia by mandragorasprouts
Mature Skin by maevan2
FreckleMania 2 by tetrodoxin

Please support these amazing modders by downloading and endorsing their work!

A huge thank you to Plumse and my other patrons for their support, kindness and patience. 

Read all about my mod permissions on my profile.