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Vivid Weathers is the ultimate weathermod for skyrim. It combines features of COT, ESS,SS, Vivid Snow, Vivid Clouds and Fogs, Real Skyrim Snowflakes and much much more into one mod. It overhauls the colors and weathers with the aim to have stunning effects even without a ENB.

Permissions and credits
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Welcome to Vivid Weathers - a complete weather and Visual overhaul for Skyrim

Vivid Weathers is the latest and biggest Weather and Visual Overhaul for Skyrim
It overhauls all the Skyrim Weathers and imagespaces as well as add a whole bunch of new
Weathers (500+) and effects (Snowstorms, blizzards, thick fog, distant fogs, distant rain, particle snowflakes...)
...and much more! It includes all features of Real skyrim Snowflakes, Vivid Clouds & Fogs, COT, ESS and SS.
It is especially tweaked to look stunning without a ENB in use - so also weaker Rigs get immersive weathers.

Please join and support us

- Over 500+ Weathers  - Clear, Cloudy, Blizzards, Stormsnows, Rainy ,Stormrain, Foggy and Thunder weathers... everything you need!
- Complete replacement and enhancement for all imagespaces so a ENB is not needed to have a immersive weather experience
- Adjustable Interior and night brigtnes via ingame MCM menu
- Adjustable Saturation via ingame MCM menu
- Supports: Dragonborn, Dawnguard, Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, Summerset Isle, Lanterns of Skyrim and AOS2
- Over 150 new cloud textures
- 16 new deep thunder sounds for bad weathers
- Immersive sunrise and sunsets by selective cloud coloring.
- Extended groundfogs that adds volumetric fogs on foggy weathers
- Real skyrim snowflakes that add ingame particle snow for a complete new snow and blizzard feeling
- New stars and galaxy textures
- Distant mountainfogs and Rain effects
- Moving fog particles during heavy fogs
- Immersive sunsets/sunrise textures
- Replaces and fixed alot of Smoke and Fog textures (Vivid Clouds and Fogs)
- includes a Highly optimized ENB for all weathers with the new DUSK and DAWN feature (ENB 0.305+ required) 
- Enhanced ENB Friendly Ambient, Tint, Fog, Cloud colors

Future Updates and considderings
- Moon phase & auroras affect night lighting
- Patch for winter overaul - snow only weathers
- Seasonal weather depending of the actual Month in skyrim

To all of you ENB Authors
Feel free to use the Included ENB as base for any change in colors and lighting you want. Just do not forget o credit us ;)

Vivid Weathers (Requires Dawnguard + Dragonborn) :
- please make sure you set fGamma =1.0000 in the skyrimprefs.ini

- Download and install with your prefered Mod Organiser and Choose the options you like. 
- Make sure ALL other weathermods and Cloudmods are disabled cus VividWeathers overwrites them all. (see compatibility)
- After Starting Vivid Weathers you can go to the MCM menu (requires SKSE and SKYUI)
and Setup colors and brightness to your liking. Brightness Settings will apply after a few seconds while being ingame.
recommended Particle ammount is 6000 wich needs to be set manually in the imaxdesired setting in skyrimprefs.ini


ENB Files (Optional):
- Make sure you got atleast version 0.305 of the enb base files (d3d9.dll, enbhost.exe, enblocal.ini) from installed. 
- Install the ENB files with your Favorite Mod Organiser. 
- Delete all previous enb files from other enb presets. (.fx files, effect.txt, enbseries.ini, enbseries folder)
- NMM: After installing and actvating you will find a folder called "Vivid Weathers ENB Install Files" in your Skyrim/Data folder
  Mod Organizer: After installing  right click on Vivid Weathers ENB Install in your modlist and "open in explorer".
  Go to the "Vivid Weathers ENB Install Files"  folder and copy the content of it to your skyrim directory.

 Please make sure you have all nessesary Skyrim Prefs set correctly in your skyrimprefs.ini 
iMultiSample=0 // turns off the game's multi-sampling AA
bTransparencyMultisampling=0 // turns off transparency AA
Also disable Antialiasing and Anisoptric Filtering in your Skyrim prefs that are accessible via the launcher.

Vivid Weathers are compatible with
- Wonders of Weather
- Mintys Lightning Mod
- Ultra HD Transparent Snowflakes

Vivid Weathers are not compatible with
- Any other ENB Preset out there...yes they need to be adjusted for Vivid Weathers...kinda Obvious ;) 
- All weather mods out there (pretty obvious hm?:) such as:
   Expanded Snow systems (already included in VW)
   Supreme Storms (already included in VW)
   Climates of Tamriel 
   Vivid Clouds and fogs (already included)
   Realsitic skyrim Snowflakes (already included)
   Purity, NLA, RCRN, Pure weathers
   ELE Weathers, RLO weathers, ELFX weathers and everything else that overwrites skyrim or COT weathers.
   Supreme and Volumetric Fog - those effects are already included
- Every snowflake texture replacer (VW uses a own Snow system, ask your snowflake replacement author to support VW, its not that hard)
- Sunglare/reflection replacements (VW disables sunglare becasue the skyrim Sunglare is buggy as hell) 
- Imaginator (please do not use with the ENB)
- hialgo - garbages textures
- Truestorms (needs a patch)
- RealShelter (needs a patch)
- Sounds of Skyrim
- Revamped Exterior Fog 

Make sure you load Vivid weathers after any Sound and weather changing mod. 
The load order of Lighting mods like ELE, ELFX depend on your preference becasue vivid weathers affect interiors also.
I recommend to load it afterwards to prevent any conflicts with the ability of Vivid weathers to change the interiors brightness.
The vivid weathers AOS patch always needs to be loaded after Vivid weathers and AOS ofcourse ;)

Realistic Water Two - Especially awsome with the enb Textures and Watercolor!

Known Compatible ENB'S
Please have a look at the sticky post in the comment section

Benhat - doing shader works for the ENB
Kesta - Doing all script stuffs like MCM menu and the connected functions as well being helpfull ;)
Thanks for mator and his Automation Tools and great help in desperate times!
Detailed Sound Credits are inside the archive.
a thanks to all Betatesters!
French: Kesta
Japanese: BowmoreLover
German: Mangaclub (yes thats me)
Italian: david88m 
Weather Region chances: Unmeix
JJC - Climates of Tamriel - Inspirations of certain aspects of the mod
atmosphere.nif - JAWZ - 

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