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Preset for VIvid Weathers that stresses bringing out colours and vibrance while avoiding overexposure. Available for ENB binaries 0.392 and 0.292

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Vivid Fantasy is an improvement upon the fantasy preset on my previous Chimera ENB.


The original inspiration of Vivid Fantasy came from the environment we find in Sovngarde, and the most notable departure this ENB has from vanilla Skyrim aesthetics is its night sky. The latest version of the ENB is a balancing act between strong visuals and player convenience - the nights have bright skies and dim environment lighting, just barely enough to not hinder general visibility. Daytime tries to recreate a cloudy day in the Himalayas, and the transitions from dawn to mid-day to sunsets take inspiration from Witcher 3.

All weather types are enhanced to have its pronounced look. Foggy weathers actually cover everything at a reasonable distance. Rainy weather makes everything wet with increased specular lighting. Special weather types such as Ash storms and the Dawnguard eclipse have also been configured to make them much more unique and ominous (with the exception of Sovngarde for now).

The recommended SKGE add-on completes the intended experience with non-intrusive motion blur, additional DoF during conversations, improved water shader, and visual changes as the player's HP goes down.

Note: The better part of the initial screenshots were taken on an older performance version of the ENB, so expect much more improved visuals in-game. I also have a rather weak PC (thus the preset originally come from a performance-friendly series of ENBs). If you are downloading this, you likely have a much stronger rig than me, so please try and submit screenshots!

Performance Benchmark

You can expect heavy performance drop with the Main Preset, as it makes use of all the current-gen ENB effects. At least a moderately strong GPU is recommended if you wish to run it with high settings and 2k-4k textures.
Complex fire lights, the newest addition in the ENB effects library, is enabled by default. If you find it too taxing during combat you should turn off that effect. I recommend not to disable anything other than this, as they will be detrimental to the overall visual quality in one aspect or the other.

A note on the Performance Version

The Performance version of Vivid Fantasy is only slightly heavier on your system
than the top tier performance ENBs like Stakado Cinemascope, but only
with a ~5-10 fps higher cost at most.

All in all, the Performance version will still retain the intended visual palette. If you use SKGE (linked in Requirements) and my preset for it, you can also get better water visuals and DoF during conversations with minimal FPS hit.


1. Download ENB binaries.
Get the newest version here. 
(0.262 if using performance version)

2. Copy d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the 'Wrapper Version' in the downloaded archive to the main skyrim directory (where TESV.exe is).

3. Copy my ENB files to the same folder.

4. Install Vivid Weathers with any mod manager, and opt to disable ground fogs (important).


Vivid Weathers
Particle Patch for ENB

Optionally, I also recommend SKGE a.k.a Skyrim Reloaded. You can find my personal preset of it in the optional downloads.


The main preset on about ~90% of all vanilla and vividw-added weathers have been covered and tested. Special weathers that remain to be customized so far:

-Heavy Fog
-Helgen in vanilla start
-Dawnguard Eclipse
-Dragonborn Ash storms
-Civil War